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4/28 c3 Khoashex
great so far
4/24 c1 Guest
I feel like the Enclaves will take issue with the Asari as the most dangerous Mass Effect species.
1. Asari are parasites only reproducing Asari
2. In ME2 you hear some men around an asari stripper describe her as many different races, showing some mental powers
3. Asari DEMAND asari to Xeno relationships and considering they are a Monogendered species that came from 1 planet shows they have very Murky plans for the future.
4. They hide prothean Technology so that no matter what they are the strongest race.

Just saying the asari and Tau should not really get along due to the asari only caring about themselves and their Parasitic Future not the GREATER GOOD of the galaxy and living species
4/23 c3 3S0UL SURVIVOR
Crap, my bad. I was wrong. Sorry about that, been awhile since I've looked into the T'aus lore.
4/23 c3 Shadow Sword
Just so we're all clear, the Tau all used the Gravitic drive, or Ether drive which is derived from the Warp drive that the Tau had taken from an Imperial Navy Vessel they found the remains.
Do note Brothers that this is a point of interest to the Inquisition and the Mechanicus.
Pretty good so far, but one thing. The far-sight enclave don't believe in the greater good. its the reason they separated from the Tau Empire
4/21 c2 1AscendedHumanity
Now lets see your portrayal of The Council. Will they be ignorant/arrogant fools or actually be somewhat logical.
4/21 c1 nomad27
Which factions? Orks and Eldar? Necrons? Please no Chaos or Tyranids those guys are way too overpowered and killjoys.
4/21 c1 Guest
In the vaccum of space, the normandy was silently waiting in the vaccum of space. Not much of a complaint, but a beta reader would help eliminate redundancies like that.
4/21 c1 nomad27
Nice can't wait for the next update.
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