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for The Rise of the Enclave

4/22/2020 c2 3S0UL SURVIVOR
Pretty good so far, but one thing. The far-sight enclave don't believe in the greater good. its the reason they separated from the Tau Empire
4/21/2020 c2 1AscendedHumanity
Now lets see your portrayal of The Council. Will they be ignorant/arrogant fools or actually be somewhat logical.
4/21/2020 c1 nomad27
Which factions? Orks and Eldar? Necrons? Please no Chaos or Tyranids those guys are way too overpowered and killjoys.
4/21/2020 c1 Guest
In the vaccum of space, the normandy was silently waiting in the vaccum of space. Not much of a complaint, but a beta reader would help eliminate redundancies like that.
4/21/2020 c1 nomad27
Nice can't wait for the next update.
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