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for Darting Around

5/11/2020 c1 8OniNoKo
Free style acupuncture! I laughed so hard :D
4/22/2020 c1 11LivininCorsets
Dude! You could have used the like “cause you stabbed me with a dart and it felt like Cupid’s arrow” lmao

4/21/2020 c1 nall
lol "who was Mel"
This is really cute! Thank you for this wonderful fic! :D
4/21/2020 c1 20JellyLollie
Aaaaww man this was so fun! The "I don't usually introduce myself to bartenders" was probably my favorite interaction. And the Mel thing. What the heck xD
This was hilarious and cute and fun and I completely loved it! Eeeeep!
4/21/2020 c1 1melantha123
Before Elsa could say anything to the silver haired hottie, she was dragged away by her sister and the rest of her friends. Before they left, though, she still managed to shout, "Mel is the best!"

Who was Mel, no one knew.

the best part lol.

Also enjoyed reading this

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