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3/26/2021 c7 Guest
It was an interesting plot and a sweet fic Natsu and Lucy were amazing! X3 I wish you a good continuation :3
2/9/2021 c6 1Uchida Akira
This story of full of surprises.
2/5/2021 c6 Copperreign12
Very good chapter! I love she got a house from her parents! I love that they are married and Natsu walking around in towel! Whoa! This story is amazing love it! Thanks for updating!
2/5/2021 c6 Amanny
Cool chapter
2/5/2021 c6 rao hyuga 18
Cool story!
1/31/2021 c6 1AshleighLeeann17
Is it just me or is the last chapter the same as the chapter before? Was that a mistake? Excited for more to read!
1/24/2021 c5 1Uchida Akira
Great as always! I was kinda expecting drama from Lucy, not that I didn't like the fact that it went down without much drama. I am, however, expecting more repercussions to follow from Natsu's actions.

I don't think Lucy should just let him go scot-free. He better work to earn her trust again. This was excellently written. Keep up the good work!
1/22/2021 c5 Amanny
Amazing story
1/22/2021 c5 FairyTailxFanGirl
I missed this, haha. Things are getting interesting so I'm excited to see what happens!
12/18/2020 c4 FairyTailxFanGirl
I missed this, and I'm so excited to see things revealed to her! haha... can't wait to see more of the aftermath.
12/18/2020 c4 KJacket
It was a huge jump from the prologue to chapter 1. This chapter was okay but it didn't really build up or unwind the mystery of that gap about how their relationship came to be. Although a fun dinner and moment happened it still felt like a lull in the overall story. We did get burning down the house out of the way though so full speed ahead? Thanks for the update!
12/18/2020 c4 Uchida Akira
Very good story. I am kind of in shock about the fact that Natsu just spilt the beans like that but thinking about it, that's kind of his character. So good job on that. Very well written. The part about Erza's cooking, had me laughing with tears in my eyes so keep up the good work!
6/24/2020 c3 122Dark Shining Light
This is a great story! I like how this isn’t a story where they fall in love but rather one where they are already in love and know they have a conflict so what will they do? I’m really interested to see what happens next and what Lucy will learn about her husband. Amazing work!
6/23/2020 c3 FairyTailxFanGirl
I'm dying from the fuzzy feelings! And I LOVE riverofmemories, too! Definitely one of my favorite authors.
6/22/2020 c3 Amanny
Beautiful chapter
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