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for To the Rescue

10/27 c5 Anonymous
This was a really good story! I loved it and it was so well written.
8/20 c5 AndPeggy
Great job! I love all the drama and your choice of words!
7/26 c5 Celestia Mist
I love the effort you put into this to weave the rhymes throughout the story. Very satisfactory. Well done. Thanks for sharing your story. :)
7/7 c5 105ChibiDawn23
Loved the ending of the chapter :) John and Alex's reunion was SO them.
7/6 c4 ChibiDawn23
For some reason I thought this one was done, so I was pretty excited to see an update! It's awesome as always. I could practically hear Chris "my future President" Jackson in my head. :)
5/6 c3 12G. E. Gabriels
Ahhhhh, can't wait for more :D!
4/30 c3 Guest
Oh no and oh wow at the exact same time
4/30 c1 Guest
Wow the story is captivating and I love the rhyming.
4/27 c2 ivy
Oh damn that rhymes. How the... I'm not even gonna ask.
4/27 c2 105ChibiDawn23
Lin? Seriously, is that you writing this story? Because I'm getting vibes of In the Heights wordplay and a whole lot of Hamilton characterization.
This is SO good. We need an audio version of this.
4/25 c1 ChibiDawn23
Okay first off, the rhyming is amazing. It took me a couple reads to finally see it, most of the time people who use lyrics or rhyme hit you over the head with it.
Secondly, you've woven a good story in here with the history and I'm looking forward to more!
4/23 c1 2Just A Girl In A Crystal
Intriguing story so far. There is so much rhyme and every them to a lot of your Sentences. It threw me off of it, to be frank. But, I am a sucker for rhythmic rhyming in poetry and I may have just emphasized it more than what was meant. But it did throw me off when parts of it would rhyme well even in the paragraph and then other times wouldn’t. Still I enjoy the story and would love to see what happens next. You are very descriptive and I can see the picture you are painting
4/21 c1 12G. E. Gabriels
Oh, wow! I'm already excited for the next chapter! Nice work!

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