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2/16 c1 Crusaders march
Merci votre version est merveilleuse, richede détails, bien écrite super continuez comme ça si il y a d'autres histoires je suis preneuse.
Encore merci pour le partage.
1/11 c7 Australia77
hey girl! happy 2022! hope u doing well and keeping safe... im really disappointed to halt the other candy's story... hope u ll resume writing it sooner or later... wish u all d best! dont be a stranger
3/7/2021 c12 Ary81
Ma dov'eri nascosta?ho amato tantissimo la tua storia, frizzante passionale!lincontro di Terry e Candy nei ruggenti anni 20...la loro libertà...wow
3/7/2021 c2 Ary81
Il loro incontro sulla terrazza wowww!Candy che fuma ahahahaha è cambiata tanto ma nn la loro passione e il loro amore
3/7/2021 c1 Ary81
Honappena iniziato a leggere la tua storia...wow passione pura spero di leggere delle belle
2/6/2021 c1 4rilianeljehan
Je viens à peine de finir ce premier chapitre et je l'adore déjà ! Je n'ai découvert de chef d'œuvre qu'est Candy Candy seulement cette année, à 20 ans, et autant te dire que je suis aussi totalement devenue fan de la relation entre Candy et Terry. J'avais peur de ne pas trouver de fanfictions et la tienne est la première que je lis et autant te dire qu'elle commence à la perfection ! Je vais de ce pas lire la suite et encore merci !
8/15/2020 c12 Australia77
ohhhh danao! i simply loved it! really, well done to u!
and the epilogue... 3 is the rite number for candy and terence... and i love d little one- FINALLY terry has a daughter, spitting image of her mum with... her freckles! ahahah thanks so much for sharing this interesting story with us! keep safe!
8/12/2020 c11 Australia77
my god danao! i loved it loved it loved... cant wait, pls have them reunite like... yesterday! they should never be apart! oh lord! i adore this story...n a little terry/candy... i can already imagine... a little boy...spitting image of his fatehr... from head to toe... espec the blue eyes (lord, i adore blue eyes) but... but! one thing he got from his mother..the only thing: FRECKLES! ihihiihih cant wait for d baby to be born... awwwwwwwww thanksssss for this lovely chapter
8/10/2020 c10 Australia77
oh so sorry terry and candy are apart ... how long will it take to reunite? stupid kingdom ... hope they are more patient than i am! ahaha and soo.. funny how richard made his on a train ride... aw, love! what wouldnt u be willing to do to conquer it? ehehehe and i simply adored the family stories between albert, jan and candy... thanks for the lovely chapter!
8/6/2020 c9 Australia77
oh wow! where to start? i read every word like ..there is no tomorrow! i kept me wanting more and more... the letters just broke my heart... they could have been... but werent./ so much suffering... but at d end all is back to the way it was supposed to be! and i love, love love love the way u described the love making... was distraught went was reading that candy didnt trust terry anymore... did not wan them to separate again, not even for a day... and thank god that didnt happen. i hope she gets pregnant straight away so can start living with her other half immediately... they soooo deserve to start a family! i prefer not to mention susanna... i hate her regardless... thanks so much for the brilliant chapter! amazing!
7/30/2020 c8 Australia77
well, dear danao. i started reading middle chapter ... so the rescue! yeah! soooo.. from now on i can read everything again.. happy days... : ) what a rescue! great team work, terry and tom! well, for a sec i thought terry was gonna fire Mr Flint.. that idiot! lest see whats next... thanks for d update!
7/17/2020 c6 Australia77
oh lord... oh nononono... im so sorry danao... i dont do well with drama...and violence... this is getting too much out of hands for me... i dont think i ll be able to read the next few chapters... i ll catch up whenever its "safe" for me to do so... well done nevertheless , keep safe
6/3/2020 c5 Australia77
mhhh... google didnt really make sense to the last phrase... but i have an idea that people will try to harm and hurt candy and terry? is this correct? and i was hoping for a .. good and loving ending... ahahah mhh, its just strange... candy not into im not saying terry.. but into the duchess thing.. i mean, i understand she may feel not up to the role... but i hope she ll not let this come between them... not again... dont they deserve happiness? the duke... he failed as a father with terry and as a husband.. eleanor- second time lucky? hope so great chapter
5/10/2020 c4 Australia77
well done.. i l,oved it... ur eliza,...mnh...maybe i might be able to appreciate her if she changes... loved the interaction between terry and his brother.. so funny... and lord! candy and terrys encounter! OH LORD ALMIGHTY! well well... i really really hope they getting married before 1 year../. thanks for the chapter
5/5/2020 c3 Australia77
i adored it... such a full of event chapter... wow.. wow.. wow... where to start! ahah honestly a gay susanna... thats the first i heard about it! brilliant idea! ..mhhh. re eleanor... i have always felt so sorry for her... richard wants to reconnect with her... wondering if its meant to be in ur story :) well cone, loved the update!
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