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2/10 c9 lastunicorninoz
Ahhh this is a really great fic I genuinely love it! I love how you took a one time mentioned character in Heather aand really fleshed out a great person outta iit! Great work all around and I especially look forward to more interactions with them all!

Oh! Im also an artist on deviantart, tumblr, and insta if you need help working out minatos weapon! The username for all three is thelastunicorninoz
2/4 c8 xdaath
That moment when minato summons thanatos I'm just imagining unavoidable battle playing right there
1/24 c9 Guest
There's only one name for Minato's weapon memento mori. Aka remember death look up the full definition of memento mori.
1/22 c9 KurumaFan
So, Minato joining the Ozluminati is a done deal but hasn't been announced to the whole gang yet?
You're pretty much doing a lot of freeform here, first to Mistral, then to Heather.
From your work so far I can gather that Heather's from Atlas but moved to Anima specifically to the city of Mistral, is approximately 35 to 36 years old, is slightly shorter than Minato, has adopted some Atlesian huntsmen values despite not attending Atlas Academy, has a good relation with the police, has plenty of cash but lives in modesty, has connections with some people in the underworld, has possession of Atlesian tech, and as of now has developed some disdain towards the Mistral council.
I hope Minato can actually start catching up with RWBY and JNR now because that's like the very thing he's supposed to do. Even Heather's telling him to get on with it.
I'm looking forward to what kind of weapon you can come up with, and better reveal it ASAP because I can't wait.
And then we have possibly an impromptu search and rescue mission. Good luck with that.
And keep up the good work.
1/21 c9 1TheBestNotNameEver
Damn, you’re good at this.

I need moar
1/21 c9 Rodenmar
This is all new territory as far as I know, most fanfic starts at the very beginning and rarely goes so far into the story. Establishing character's arc and motivation is fine as long as no one acts wayyyy too ooc. I truly enjoy this fic, Minato doesn't seemed all too powerful but he is still a formidable character. Tbh, I can't wait for him to face off Cinder and no-sell her flames, making her maiden powers moot.
1/20 c9 Guest
Hope next one doesn't take forever and almighty is not holy almighty is it's one thing it is absolute power.
1/20 c9 Krusader Kris
Bit of a slower chapter but now everything is cleared up and they know hes on their side. Hopefully next chapter Minato gets to finally interact with the teams, maybe we can see how they react to his powers? It must seems so crazy in their eyes the amount of variety he has from power to support and even healing.
Looking forward to whatever weapon you have in mind as well as what persona is going to make an appearance in the next action sequence. Really liked the variety so far from things like Valkyrie, Mothman and other low tiers. Might I recommend Chernobog? Not because I particularly like Chernobog or anything but its a pretty strange looking mid tier persona that I wouldn't mind seeing put to use (or maybe Alice like another comment mentioned but maybe without the instakill unless its a grimm).
It only really crossed my mind because it actually has a bit of an ailment focus in some of the other games and I'm curious if you'll implement status effects in a scenario at some point. Between the persona side and the smt side theres so much skills to choose from though with fusion spells, multiple weapon types and just having multiple personas in general his arsenal is as wide as it'll ever need to be, so he could definitely do without it as well.

P.S Throw in a quip about Mitsuru using Marin Karin constantly for me would ya? I'm sure all the P3 players can relate to that one lmao.
1/20 c9 CallmeCrazylol
I wouldn't count Heather as an OC since she was mentioned meaning she isn't... original per say. I'd consider her to be OOC though since we don't know anything about her.
Can you imagine what would happen when Minato summons Thanatos or Alice? Die For Me is such a broken skill in P3. 80% chance to kill every foe is insane. Although its kinda sad that Thanatos didn't have Door of Hades until PQ.
11/10/2020 c8 holygamer123
After reading all 8 chapters all i can say is this is a really good read the action scenes are great and i love the interactions with minato the cast im looking forwards for more chapters in this fanfic
10/22/2020 c8 CallmeCrazylol
Correction about Minato's weapons. He can wield every weapon type except for knives and guns. In P3P he can only wield the one handed sword.
10/17/2020 c8 Razie.B
Also ,do you intend to have the Persona's have sentience? As in can interact with the rest of the RWBY cast?
10/12/2020 c8 Razie.B
BTW, do you have like some sort of schedule of when you will make the next chapter? or is it just random?
10/9/2020 c8 ArgenSayanUi
Love it!
10/9/2020 c8 21Spooke125
This is pretty promising, I'm looking forward to more chapters of this
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