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for Winter's Frost

10/23 c16 3TwinTigerLover
i really love this story. i don't think you should redeem pitch in this story but i haven't read any of the others to offer more of an option. this is amazingly well written and look forward to finding out what happens with winters court.
also what does the third kiss do?
9/27 c16 2Where'sMyPenn
so much great work was put into this! great job *
9/16 c16 Madaya58
I love this story.
And many of your others...:)
You are am awesome writer...:)
Thank you...:)
9/15 c16 Demi clayton
I think you should write more, when you can as it is really good so for, please and thank you.
9/15 c16 xDarklightx
I like it.
9/15 c16 kaida171
Thank you ever so very much for the new update!
9/15 c16 Tsuki Banritt
thank for the chapter !
9/15 c16 11Sagilemiel
Very good ! I love your story !
9/15 c16 Jostanos
*blinks* okay~... That went dark quickly..

Matsuo: Umm.. Did they pass out or fade away because Jack didn't take over right away. or... was it part of the plan for.. for.. *sniffs* No. NO! I Don't believe that! I _WON'T_ Believe that!
9/3 c15 26Lil Lost Lady
I was wondering where it'd go from here but I guess he still has some challenges what with the previous Winter's brainwashed entourage and the other Winter spirits that might not except the new Winter. I also hope there will be more fluff before the ending.
9/3 c14 Lil Lost Lady
A fight to see who will become Winter, that sounds like you might be getting close to wrapping up this story now that they're facing each other for such an important battle.
9/3 c13 Lil Lost Lady
Such an emotional chapter, Jack needs all the cuddles. I'm curious about why he's gone through the physical changes though, is it a side effect or has his powers changed/evolved/gotten stronger? Also I'm picturing Baby Tooth as a Frost Fairy and wondering what she'd look like, still cute but more blue and white maybe? Will she get any snow/frost abilities or just be able to withstand the cold?
9/3 c12 Lil Lost Lady
I'm honestly glad he wasn't with her any longer than he was she gave off massive creep vibes. Which I'm sure was intentional on your part so well done. I quite enjoyed the description of Aster and Jake's first kiss too, obviously given their differences it'll take some practice to get it just right for the both of them but I'm sure they'll have fun practicing.
9/3 c11 Lil Lost Lady
Wait what does it mean that Aster's an alien like is he literally from space? That's not canon is it? I really need to re-watch the movie. I don't know if you ever watched DBZ abridged but now I'm thinking about Jeice and space Australia... So both have got a case of the feelings but with the Snow Queen now back once more... he just can't catch a break. I had forgotten the story of the mirror before but now I actually recall hearing something of this story once which makes sense because it's tied to the Snow Queen which I have watch at least one movie on in the past.
9/3 c8 Lil Lost Lady
So now the movie events are over it'll be interesting to see where you take the story from here. What gifts could Death be planning on offering to Jack I wonder?
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