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for Rebirth In The Naruto-verse (SIOC)

5/14 c80 DaddyAlastor
AMAZING story i loved reading it from beginning and it was great it had kept me on edge on what was going to happen next and i can not wait until the next chapter keep up the great work
4/20 c4 9Chisaki Kouu
My guy Sumako causes the war, huh?
4/16 c80 Darkjaden
This always happens. Stories where the person just train and become op overtime or a mary sue that survives fight then faints most of the time but this story was a drug that the doctor prescribe. Not seeing the same conversation all the time because people want canon and a SI who know that even if you realistically train that the limitations of the body will eventually put you at B to A rank shinobi and that is if you survive long enough and the only real way to break that limit is through fuinjutsu, gates, sage mode, being a mutant or bloodline. You don't magically get training from someone in fuinjutsu so its a toss up on if you get good enough to use it to become S rank and for bloodline hard work will reward them if they push themselves. Thank you for the wonderful ride this story has been and sorry but I can't give any criticism because I love everything about it.
4/14 c80 SandZdragon
that sucks i loved this one, orochimaru is one of my fav characters apart from his pedo parts, mainly his character before leaving the leaf and young orochi super cute
4/14 c68 SandZdragon
One bowl a deep price to pay for random ninja - me
4/14 c80 1Kulha
I've read your fic over the last few days and am sad you're not going to continue it.

Although I think you go too much into the weeds and repeat yourself a lot, the story is enjoyable and Shiro's development is interesting enough to keep me entertained.

Also, you have a pretty decent sense of humor so that pleasantly surprised me from time to time. The clone suicide bombing the Kage really made me laugh.
3/19 c36 Guest
Alrighty then. I'll also try to make this entertaining.

So disclaimer, I don't actually know Japanese. Shock and awe, it's a dense language that's difficult to learn and I lack the free time to study it in depth. However in spite of this I have been in this fandom and others like it long enough to know what a Kanji is and roughly how they work as letters, and more importantly how they work in proper nouns. It doesn't take mastery of the Japanese language to figure out the conclusions I'm about to make, so I am very confident in them.

So what's the big deal with Seals? These mysterious moon runes have many a use, however most misunderstand them to be related, or specifically for them to be the entirety of the study of Fuinjutsu. This is blatantly not the case but more on that in a bit. First, the reason for this confusion in the fandom.

That. Right there.

You see him? Mocking your language with his elegant brush strokes, pretending "Oh, I'm just one letter, you can surely translate me with error, right?"

Wrong. Somehow. It's not like it's even hard. But the early translations, and all translations since then, have failed to grasp the nuance of our friend 印. He is pronounced "In" and he means "An Emblem, Mark, Crest, or (you guessed it) Seal". Specifically Seal in the context of an emblem, mark, or crest. Not a seal as in a lock, not a seal as in the amphibious mammal. Specifically an emblem or mark. The English Word "Seal" is a terrible way to translate 印, because oddly enough the English word has too many definitions, and the Japanese kanji only refers to a specific idea.

印 is used to refer specifically to the Hand Signs ninja use to form their Jutsu, thus Hand Seals. Hand Signs is a better translation based on the context. In the Ninja Stat Charts it's also one of the categories for a Ninja's strength is their knowledge of Seals.

Now there's this more complex word. 封印術 (Fuinjutsu) Three Kanji, but breaking it down is rather simple. Our friend 印 is right then in the middle, followed immediately by 術 which is a Ninja's BFF, as this one means Jutsu. 封 Is also simple, in that it means "Envelope" more or less. It's often paired with 印 to spell 封印 pronounced "Fuin". The meaning of this word, and the use of the two kanji that make it up, can also by itself simply be translated as "Seal" because it means it in the English sense of "to shut something away". Envelope Crest, or specifically the sealing of a letter with a wax crest.

Because two kanji together has a more complex meaning than one kanji alone, 封印 (Fuin) is not the same thing as 印 (In), but translators made the mistake of translating both of them into the same English word, creating a misconception that they were directly and unconditionally linked. That they were, somehow, always referring to the same thing. This has never been more false.

Now that that's established... what are those moon runes that do the jutsu then? Well they are 印 (In), probably in the same way that Hand Signs are. But we need context... and so we turn to Hiraishin no Jutsu for a concept used in the description of the technique. Jutsu Shiki, or Technique Formula. These markings are used as way-points for Hiraishin, acting as destination markers for the teleportation and they are unmistakably some form of the runic language used to perform techniques. I will henceforth stop being a weeby douche and start saying Jutsu Shiki or Technique Formula when referring to the scrawl used in Ninjutsu, for simplicity's sake and also because me throwing a kanji into my writing has probably already gotten stale.

So we have the beginnings of understanding how all this works. Now comes the substantiated theory portion, where I grab and present evidence to support said theory.

First, the earliest instance of formalized use of this scrawl. Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu. This is where I start to build the theory that they work a lot like Hand Signs. The most simple things one can do with chakra (ex: wall climbing, water walking, physical enhancement, etc) often don't require any hand signs, just chakra control. Basic Ninjutsu going up from E-Rankers like Henge and Bunshin and all the way up through A-Ranks like Chidori, require more and different hand signs, sometimes even unique ones to perform increasingly complex effects. Now... just to clarify, techniques like Suiryudan no Jutsu are clearly more complex than techniques like Chidori, and do require more hand signs, so the power of a technique is not necessarily equal to it's complexity. Ninja with great or exceptional control, mastery over the chakra nature, or a Kekkei Genkai can sometimes reduce or even eliminate the need for hand signs altogether.

However, what if you want a really really complicated effect... like say... infusing your Summoning Technique so you summon your ninja dogs underground without telefragging them into oblivion? You need to use an Earth Release technique to make them move through the earth and appear from within the earth. This... might be a tall order for all but the mighty Sage of Six Paths with his mastery of all Elements and his Animal Path. So a normal ninja could, maybe, do it with hand signs running through hundreds or thousands of gestures... but more practically, a Jutsu Formula is used to scrawl out the desired effect and then all it needs is some blood, chakra, and a few hand signs and bamf, all done.

Similarly, basic healing is quick and dirty, but intense regenerative surgery requires something like Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu, and the list goes on and on and on.

Now, these use Jutsu Formula, but they are not Fuinjutsu. A lot of Fuinjutsu use Jutsu Formula as the "container" itself. The Enclosing Technique will often leave an image surrounded by scrawl, or sometimes a kanji if it's an elemental sealing method. Powerful seals like the Evil Sealing Method condense a whole room full of formula runes into a single ring around whatever it is containing.

And just to be through, Juin, as with everything above, means Cursed Mark, not Cursed Seal and is not a Fuinjutsu either.

Fuinjutsu is, specifically, the art of putting a thing inside of another thing regardless of how much or how little sense that makes. Such as putting an elephant in a frog, or putting a book into another book, or putting evil inside of a circle, or five hundred kunai into a scroll.

Whew... that should be everything I've extracted on this topic. You'll notice, without any of my input, the Naruto Wiki actually reflects a lot of this logic as well with it's own word choice and categories for these listed techniques
3/12 c36 Guest
Wow, this chapter was a stretch.
3/11 c15 Guest
Weak AF chapter, i agree that the village should vigilant against him but the who spiel on greatness was a load of BS.
3/11 c13 Guest
No one noticing some random genin henging into different people in the village is biggest cheat he got going for him
3/11 c3 Guest
Describes himself as lazy yet does all this training and stuff. Also never knew the ninjas had so much knowledge and how the brain worked. Wonder how they figured that out without proper equipment.
3/10 c2 1adam247
can we talk about how gai's fathers name is might die, well ain't that the truth
3/1 c50 Spidersauce
Shiro's bored and Aomi is suffering :D It's great.
3/1 c45 Spidersauce
. . . Is that chibi Itachi or is it Kabuto? o.O I can't tell lol
2/28 c32 Spidersauce
Does Shiro not realize all the lying about what his techniques do is exactly why he doesn't get a lab? Labs are for helping the village. Shiro goes out of his way to ensure that people know his techniques can't help out the village whatsoever. Is he really just that stupid?
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