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for Time After Time

1/11 c3 Guest
Please continue with this story
1/3 c3 LoVesexonastick58
this is such a wonderful story. read it again just because Im hoping for more and thought I might have missed a posting.
12/10/2020 c3 ForgeK
I was so excited to see the new chapter. Went back to reread the previous chapters before enjoying the new one.

I like this twist and looking forward to seeing how LoVe’s early reconnection changes this story.
10/18/2020 c1 LoVesexonastick58
His_beautiful_Girl- I need you to continue this story. Please. I am obsessed with it. What happens next with these two? How does Logan and Veronica cope? Please work on this and expand it.
7/24/2020 c2 LoVesexonastick58
Please continue this.
4/22/2020 c1 Guest
WOW! What a powerful first chapter. I look forward to finding out where you are going with this story. I look forward to the next chapter.
4/23/2020 c1 lyz31
Such an amazing work! usually I would wait for the story to be completed, for fear of being terribly disappointed in case it's not stays. But this start is so promising I think I will read every chapter as it comes, and will use it shamelessly to heal the lingering hurt the creator of the series left me in, and so many others as well... Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to read what you come up with in next chapters!

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