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for when we were young

8/1 c17 Guest
oh, man I hope there's nothing going on between Edward and Tanya or any other women. this fic haven't gone down the many cliche routes yet, so I'm hoping it wouldn't go down the "Edward goes on dates and gets a gf whilst still bring married to Bella" route. Don't make him a cheater. Don't make either of them a cheater.
8/1 c17 Guest
was there someone with him in the apartment?
8/1 c17 Guest
I hope next chapter will clear things up a bit. tx
7/31 c17 Guest
I feel bad for both :(
7/31 c17 flo
i'm happy she wants to talk to him. i hope they figure it out.
thank you.
7/31 c17 Guest
bella acted so rashly and so immature.
8/2 c17 darcy13
Great story. So moving. Had tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing it.
8/2 c17 debslmac
8/2 c17 Midnight Cougar
I can’t wait for them to talk! I hope they both throw it down, and then rip up those divorce papers. X
8/1 c17 tff000
7/31 c17 12fernyyuki
Me encantá y muy triste el capitulo edward, fue un completo desgraciado...
7/31 c17 MsLiss
Oh dear
7/31 c17 KDMCAM
I hope she chooses him instead of signing the papers.
7/31 c17 Flippysten
I'm so glad she's going to talk him : )
7/31 c17 ashiana
She needs too talk to Edward. Feel sorry for the guy. Thanks for the update.
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