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1/12 c7 beta tester beater
He's inspiring everyone that's sweet
1/7 c12 Vansmoke
This chapter started showing him living in the moment so to speak, I mean long conversation between characters. Not just a recount of anime put in everything he ever thought. I mean, in for every events happening, there would be canon event mentioned, and that's a bad way of writing because "too much canon" written here. Not so much as living in a real life would, like I mentioned in my prev review.

Although for a reader like me who never watch the franchise, it's pretty informative and easy to spot which is canon and which is not.

Hopefully further down the road, your tones/style in writing get changed; better mention or write "canon/anime" word less. Writing informative plotline from original is fine, just not "anime this and that" kind of things.

But still, I enjoy reading it.
1/7 c11 Vansmoke
His overly obsession about "I knew everything" because he watched anime bleed into everything in his life, like his thinking, feeling, personality, even the way he tells people about everything because "I know all" is crossing the line of being stupidly "everything here is not real".
He just lives in anime series, not actually living a real life. And the tones of all you've written so far pointed it all. It's just retelling of recorded story (already produced and shown), nothing "here is real world". Everything down to daily interaction to personal/internal monologues.
12/27/2021 c61 14Agent of the Divine One
Wow. What a ride.

It was good to see certain things remedied with ease like Hojo Rin not turning into an anchor for a shinigami because Ryosuke went out with his fiance, that he got with Mako since they had such a fundamental interest in common, plus how he got Keisuke away from destructive influences and on the right path.

More than all of that was a wealth of technical knowledge as well as examining that with more planning and frank assessment of circumstances that it was far easier than it had been in the anime. Well done. :)
12/1/2021 c7 worom001
"I had already decided before that I couldn't modify the FC anymore at this point"
Hohoho, seems as though someones clearly not heard of a twin or triple rotary engine, nor has he heard of twin turbos hmhmhmhmh.
Nor has he heard of weight reduction either, he could get even better acceleration by just stripping out the needless shit, but the cars also his daily driver so I guess it would be a bit presumptuous to do so.
11/7/2021 c61 Dalvepinn
Thank you for writing this. This is my favorite fanfiction I have ever read. and I mean that literally. You have turned my day around every time you update this story, and made my life better overall. The amount of effort and skill that goes into making each of these races feel unique and interesting is mind blowing. I can only hope that one day I will find another fanfic that will make me feel the same way after reading it. Thank you.
11/6/2021 c61 Guest
Is It possible to have a sequel or a mini story about Mako and Ryuoske’s (can’t spell) kid(s)
11/1/2021 c61 raxthunder
I really enjoyed your work. I hope you write more gamer fiction.
11/1/2021 c61 konsubarashit
thank you so much for your hard work,
i really like your story
this one is one of my favorite fanfiction ,
even after so many years i Will not forget this fanfic and Will share this wonderful fanfiction to everyone who enjoy fanfiction

peace out
10/31/2021 c61 Bob-Just-Bob
Damn, this hit in the feels. I can't believe it's finished. Gah I hate when a story ends, it's so depressing haha.
I was hoping for a Bunta race, but oh well, it was a beautiful ending.

Thank you for dedicating so much your free time to write this story. It has been an experience that I can't even put into words.
10/30/2021 c61 lucifer79
It was an amazing story. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the regular updates and hard work. I would consider this fic among my top fav fanfics easily.
10/30/2021 c61 2BrainZnBullets
To make it simple and short, this is the way to end a story. I honestly hate that this is the end, not because it was done poorly in any way, it’s just the fact that it’s over is so hard to come to terms with. I’m glad to see Ryosuke, Yakuma and Takihiro are still going to attack the mountains. I can only imagine they could be somewhat like Joshima and Kozo in the future, old men with experience and technique that make them seem like gods to the next generation of street racers. Anyway, it’s been quite a ride. I intend on reading much more of your work in the future.
10/30/2021 c61 1ChaosBreaker13
To end the this fic how it began, with Ryosuke vs. Taki. How fitting. :)

It was a long ride, but it was a good one until the end. Thank you for making such a piece and hope to find more ID fics like this. :D
10/30/2021 c61 KyonSmith13
Thank you for a wonderful story. Endings are never easy to write and you pulled it off perfectly. This has been a hell of a ride, and I look forward to your next project.
10/30/2021 c61 Mistersnx
Thank you for making this, it was a blast man!
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