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7/31 c2 1S-Lioness
I think option B will be too much, I think it will be very interesting as it is.
7/31 c1 S-Lioness
Can I have a mix between option a and c please? I think that would be chaotically hilarious.
7/9 c2 dpx6101
Death as a pairing is a great idea. Not a lot of fics on this site have that.
5/10 c2 23Remzal Von Enili
I like the death pairing idea.
5/7 c1 DianaSky31970
I say C with a little A new and then and if you add in B make her help in cafe when not at her duties.
4/28 c1 Guest
option C
4/26 c1 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please. have you considered sort of combining the three options into one instead?
4/26 c1 Guest
C please
4/25 c1 Ank-sunamuhn80
A or c, never b. I won't read it. I've been reading fanfics for more than 15 years and the girl as death is always a marysue without personality, ALWAYS
4/24 c1 kareso
U should do both option a&b
4/23 c1 4597boss
all three are goo! II can't decide!
4/23 c1 1Sparks18
A or B
4/23 c1 Guest
Option c!
4/23 c1 Guest
Why didn't Harry just seal of Dumbledore's magic himself with deaths help.
4/23 c1 23Remzal Von Enili
I like options A and C. Though I do like the death pairing from B.
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