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1/22 c3 596Ghostwriter
Love it. They are TOTALLY family.
5/12/2020 c3 10HonestBee
Yay! I wanted to take the time to read the full chapter at once, and I haven't had the time until now. Love it! Also glad to see they didn't betray Eliot after all.

I saw what you did there with Natali needing some "leverage," and all the foreshadowing of who eventually becomes Eliot's pack.

Parker at the end was great, nice mix of her insecurities coming out a bit, and then her enthusiasm. I can just imagine the jog and her constantly peppering Eliot with questions. It would be interesting to see if Eliot's abilities might come in helpful some time, like Hardison is thinking.
5/3/2020 c2 HonestBee
I am really loving this narrative! You have answered all my questions about Eliot's change from your first story, and you really have his character and your other characters fleshed out. The interactions and dialogue are very good, and the storyline is still quite intriguing.

I kind of had an inkling Natali was going to do something like this when we overheard her phone call from the previous morning, but I wonder just what exactly is going on? I have a suspicion, but I'm going to wait and see what happens in the next chapter.

Carry on!
5/1/2020 c1 WolfhoundLove1
This isn't usually the kind of story that I read but I must say so far I'm really enjoying it. Eliot as a wolf certainly makes sense. I love it. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you for the ride.
4/26/2020 c1 HonestBee
Ha! So my phone is an idiot and posted before I was done with my review. (Or maybe it was just operator error)

I was going to add that I like the intro to this story as well, a wonderful friendship moment between Eliot and Hardison, without the usual threats because now is the time for understanding, and Parker hiding in the rafters...but of course Eliot knew she was there. So very sweet.

And also, there is apparently a Leverage reboot in the works, but I have mixed feelings.

Keep up the great work!
4/26/2020 c1 HonestBee
I really enjoyed the back story in this one, and I can see loads of improvement in the story telling (and I'm blushing at the shout out). I did laugh out loud at the "greasy little turnip" bit, but it certainly fit Bertrand. Great job portraying his insanity!

Also great job portraying Paris, which I'm not at all familiar with, but the details add life.

You have me intrigued now so I'm hoping there will be another chapter soon, and I wish I could have read this one earlierm

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