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9/20 c1 1themadmartian
Another great story.
9/12 c1 Traveler301
Great story. A lot of fun to read. I like the Harry/Susan pairing too.
Ron Pate
9/9 c1 mumphie
I liked it. Wish we could have seen how the Marauders would have reacted to the Ninja Kid, though.
8/19 c1 BoredKing
Harry's diet is horrible. Its like the opposite of vegan (which is an asinine diet choice) but just as bad, eating only steaks for lunch and noting else all day is asking to suffer. Fasting is done only for religious reasons or medical purposes and its really unhealthy since your body goes into starvation mode and starts preserving fat rather than using it. And you need a balanced diet regardless of your lifestyle. More protein and fat if your exercising but that doesn't mean you cut off everything else.

Sorry just needed to rant about how stupid Harry's diet is, especiallysince you kept bringing it up. Aside from that, this story is pretty neat though it could've done with more fight/action scenes.
8/10 c1 odonnellzoo99
A little rushed in parts (it's a one-shot after all), but you gotta love Ninja Harry.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
7/31 c1 christjp05
Well enjoyed. Never like Uber Harry myself but this was kind of fun.
Well written. Good tone and well plotted. Keep up the good writing.
7/26 c1 Cwhit930
Good story. Like the flow and a badass Harry. Haven’t seen ninja Harry before. Thanks for the share
7/12 c1 Love2read23
Yes! This is awesome.
I'm glad Harry had Susan's support.
The beginning which stated Harry was being trained as a weapon made me a but weary and had me thinking that the Ministry had Harry trained as an assassin from childhood but being taken in by a sensei is so awesome. Who didn't dream of being the karate kid as a child?!
I'd hoped there'd be something in Gringotts that could Sirius free especially with Director of the DMLE being right there but with Pettigrew's body it should be possible to get him a trial.
I loved how logical Harry was about being prepared for the third task and for reasoning with Cedric to stay even if having Cedric there as a distraction worked out so well.
I love logical Harry.
Thank you for writing.
7/3 c1 3VashonBeader
I like it! Ninja Harry!

Good job!

Thank you for writing and sharing!
6/11 c1 7bigfan22
Awesome story. I kind of wish we got to see everyone's reaction to the end of Voldemort, but even without that I def enjoyed a more combat-ready version of Harry Potter. Great job and thanks for writing!
5/29 c1 Matt
What is a hooded scowl? I tried to look ir up online but could not find anything. A scowl is a facial expression. There's a cowl, but it's the same thing as a hood, so a hooded cowl would be redundant. I don't get it.
5/11 c1 ak
bonne fic!
il reste l'espion!
5/6 c1 Ann Jinn
Good story. Did a nice job incorporating ninja skills with magic.
4/29 c1 toile grant
4/28 c1 5christinemarie13
I enjoyed this.
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