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for Shinobi and their Multiple Jobs

21h c27 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
1/21 c1 Z-Breezy
I like Sasuke character her Naruto's not so much
1/20 c27 1Arkisenn
I feel this story was way more enjoyable in the beginning. I liked the odd couple dynamic of Sasuke and Naruto. Now theres too many characters and everything is about sex. Its getting boring now as Ive seen a thousand others like it. Hope something changes or Im going to drop this story.

You had something fun at the beginning, but that charm is missing now
1/20 c27 Pogologo
"That's not very nice, nya… I think I'm gonna puke." Kuroka rushed to the washroom.

She's definitely pregnant. I don't think a single punch from Koneko would cause such reaction.
Wow Naruto gave his ramen up.

Great chapter.
1/20 c16 2KINGShaheed
Sasuke and Sona? I like it. Also... Naruto, your poor, lucky bastard.
1/20 c15 KINGShaheed
Lol this iteration of Sirzechs... xd
1/20 c14 KINGShaheed
I love this fic. It's going on my all-time favorite list. Not many on there too out of the thousands of fics I've read. Only about 7 of em... Awesome! x)
1/20 c13 KINGShaheed
Diodora totally deserves what's coming to him, the little bastard
1/20 c10 KINGShaheed
PLeasE.. I cant breathj ahhaha
1/20 c9 KINGShaheed
1/20 c27 ArrowsToAthens
1/20 c7 KINGShaheed
That was fucking hilarious
1/20 c27 VicenteVanCoco04
Pobre Sasuke, aunque creo que seguirá sufriendo a futuro porque llegarán más chicas al hogar.
1/20 c5 KINGShaheed
I'm really loving this story
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