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for Shinobi and their Multiple Jobs

1/2 c1 1ToapAN
love your story. The characters feel natural and not forced and the chemistry is just great. keep it up
12/13/2021 c30 Guest
Please don't ever say again that FTDS is a great writer. Did you know that he justified the First Crusade and the Rhineland Massacres, both of in which the Catholic Crusaders indiscriminately slaughtered non-Catholics instead of taking back the land stolen from them like they were ordered to do? Whenever FTDS brings up religion, he always makes out Catholicism to be pure good while depicting Muslims as bloodthirsty zealots who thrive on killing innocent people and see no sin in killing children. There's also what that Onishin guy said about FTDS forcing his "Trump is the best president to have ever existed, allowing the Democratic Party to exist was a mistake" beliefs onto others.

Rant over. Anyways, your story is decent, though it's a bit rushed in since parts, namely the Asia arc. It was pretty much brushed through, and Kalawarner and Mittelt didn't even show up.

Also, I vote to name the kid Lilith if a girl (like in canon) and Kuro if a boy.
12/1/2021 c7 SonicX26SF
I love this story
12/1/2021 c10 Guest
да да да боже мой какой же это кайф
12/1/2021 c7 Guest
всё так же бесподобно продолжай
12/1/2021 c6 Guest
и снова полный отпад
12/1/2021 c5 Guest
это богоподобно
12/1/2021 c16 AVL04
is sex all this story is about?
11/19/2021 c30 Dylan.lucky
hahahaha man but what a good chapter I have some good names for babies if the baby of ophis is male I like the names Andros or Akashi if you do it girl Oriana or the clacico give it the name in honor of the mother of Naruto Kushina but it is very seen and unoriginal
11/6/2021 c30 Guest
Did something happen to the author
11/3/2021 c1 kin6969
this is the most hilarious fanfic i have read so far
10/23/2021 c30 Guest
Very good story but when next update
10/12/2021 c30 y0mi4
Hilarious stuff brother, keep it up
9/25/2021 c30 CREATER
Love it this is just brilliant.. can't wait for the next update..
9/9/2021 c12 Yugidork221
yes kill diadora he needs to die that sick bastered
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