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5/21 c1 4Lacy073
I never thought of this but I really like the idea. Everyone can take care of themselves but Hardison's the baby. Maybe that's why they never take care of Eliot
4/28 c1 Westernbeauty
Loved this. Hardison and Eliot have a great relationship and you captured this well x
4/26 c1 Link
That's adorable!
4/25 c1 Guest
die... maybe but as he likes Parker I think Hardison would also think ... "but what a way to go."
At your announcement went to check on Leverage reboot - hope it is as good as the original and can't wait.
4/25 c1 10HonestBee
I really enjoyed this! You got everyone's voices down just perfectly. Eliot had just enough quiet guilt and was very astute in his answers to Hardison. He makes a very good point when he said he was glad Hardison hadn't had to fight before now, and that not knowing how to do something wasn't the same as not being good at it.

And that last bit, having him practice with Parker, just had me laughing. Great way to get a dig in!
4/24 c1 197Daisyangel
Awe poor Hardison. I can't wait for the reboot!

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