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6/18 c5 1pearl037
Hi again! It occurred to me that I needed to start from the beginning, and can I just say that I like your version of the sequel so much better? I keep reading because I need to know what happens next, and I have questions before I do. I know that this is set in an alternate universe so I’m trying to suspend what I know from the original, but can you clarify why Phoebus is still working for Frollo if Frollo took him captive? Also how his marriage to Esmeralda is supposed to be a secret but he told Madellaine, and one of his subordinates also knows about it? Also, Zephyr’s parentage. Clopin clearly says he is their biological child in the last chapter, but Phoebus just told Madellaine they found him on the street. Unless that’s a lie they came up with to protect Zephyr in case Frollo comes after Esmeralda again? In that case though why would he be truthful about his marriage but keep the lie about his son? Sorry for all the questions about an already completed story. I’m just invested.
5/29 c20 23HeadIntheCloudsForever
meganangels a typo! I have since gone back and fixed itthanks for pointing it out!
5/18 c19 meganangels
Wait a minute, I thought in your story Frollo is alive. (The line from your story starts "He tasted it, and the bread had a certain crunch to it that brought so many good memories to his mind, (this part is where I am confused about) especially now that Frollo is gone and dead."

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