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8/21 c101 8Missela
It's so good to see the children together again!
8/15 c101 Guest
Thank you for the update. I love this story, though it is often sad. Great job!
8/13 c101 dpmancill
So thankful you were able to continue this saga and, as usual, can't wait for further chapters. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
6/19 c100 Guest
I am so happy that the children can again be friends. Thank you!
6/18 c100 Missela
Way to go Colleen! I'm so happy that she went and fought for her brother and friendship with Thomas. Loved Becky's conclusions. Sad to see how Archie's actions are affecting Nate. Congrats on Chapter 100!
6/18 c99 dpmancill
Thank you for the update and I literally can't wait for more of Nathan's story! Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
6/18 c100 SaSeLi777
I love these families… and I love Colleen’s sense of fairness and justice!

I I have been re-reading “Actually, it’s a Constable, Mrs. Thornton,” and loving it, just as much as the first time around.

I look forward to more chapters as you were able to get them to us. Thank you!
4/10 c99 Missela
Yikes. No Thomas for Nathan hurts. Yes, it's hard to type Nathan when I want to put Nate. So even as a reader, I'm having that problem.
Poor Colleen, right when she's ready to admit maybe she loves Thomas too, he's kept away from them. And it's affecting Edith and James as well.
3/21 c99 Margaret Redmon
So sad, it was even more so, to read it now. Knowing that Colleen had passed and Nathan didn't even have his sister. I know that was years down the road but i couldn't help but thimk about it. Good story!
3/21 c99 SaSeLi777
Poor babies! They have had so much to endure … and now another judgmental person separating them from another person they love. Thank God for James and Edith.
3/21 c99 Guest
Poor Nathan. It is harder on him than anyone. Thomas’s father is being cruel. The Grants and Thomas need each other.
2/14 c98 Margaret Redmon
What a sad story. Poor Nathan and at such a young age. you say this is going to be a bad year. It won't be a year for us I hope. I don't think I can handle the sad story for a year. I know Nathan had a sad childhood and his daddy didn't get better until Nathan was a Mountie, so from 10 years old until Nathan is a Mountie is more than a year. I feel sorry for Archie, because he has a sickness, gambling, stealing. There are people who still do those very things and it is just like a sickness. This was good writing, I was just hoping that he would stay straight now. Actually I have a question, why was he allowed to work in the bank with the money. If he was a gambler, wouldn't it seem that if he needed money he would get it one way or another. That is just a though I had. It is a little like letting an Alcoholic work in a licquor store.
2/12 c98 8Eilie Hunter
Heartbreaking. Lossbetrayal. Consequences that threaten to ruin a family that’s left behind to pick up the pieces. Archie’s arrest is not a surprise but we know there are other lossessuffering to come so we are left to wonder how can Nathan grow to become the kind, wise, respected man he has become?
Still, you have filled in many holeshelped us understand the sorrowssuffering that have made a strong character though with your excellent writing. Thanks for persevering.
Prayers for you.
2/12 c98 Guest
Sad for Ophelia snd the children, especially Nathan. I love this story, though it again made me cry.
2/12 c98 8Missela
And it starts on his birthday. Will there be hope on his 11th birthday? My girls turn 10 next month. So I can understand this age a bit. But Nate had so much responsibility heaped up on him. So now we have Nathan. The man of the house. Already setting boundaries. I'm thinking of the distant future. Will he ever get to the point in life where he's comfortable being called Nate again? I know there is more loss to come. Eventually, there'll be General's death and Colleen's death. And what happens with Thomas? What happens to him? Why doesn't he marry Colleen? What about Eoan? Is he suffering from Huntington's?

You're in my thoughts and prayers.
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