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10/4/2021 c67 8Missela
Poor Ophelia, poor Nate. Poor Colleen, too, even though you didn't focus on her this chapter. I'm so thankful for the assistance of the Normandeaus. They truly are family. Even though we know of the general Grant history, seeing it in detail, and how it hurts Nate is so sad.
10/1/2021 c66 4heather4cu
Glad to see a new update on this one! So glad that James is finally home and recovering. I do hope he is still able to solve the Clarke case.

I loved the lessons behind Ophelia and Gertrude helping the teacher even though she wasn't very grateful. Also loved the ending with Trevor and Gertrude. I'll be really curious to see how the Normadeaus fit into Nathan's adult life when you get to it.
9/26/2021 c66 Guest
Worth the wait. Thank you.
9/26/2021 c66 8Missela
Poor Miss Fletcher. I'm glad that Ophelia was insistent on reaching out to her and was able to provide assistance when things came to a head. Now school with Miss Winters is so much better! I love that Bobby Wallace got caught first thing! And what a joy to have James back in the community!
9/26/2021 c66 SaSeLi777
Edith, Gertrude, and Ophelia are priceless. Helping Ms. Fletcher in spite of her previous bad attitude, simply because no one deserves to be attacked is truly Christlike!

Sooo glad that James is finally back!

I look forward to seeing what happens with Gertrude and Trevor(whose name I actually like)! With what happened to Ms Fletcher, I am glad Wiggins is providing an escort!

Thank you for providing us your chapter in spite of your busy schedule! We appreciate you!
9/26/2021 c66 15baseballchick1330
wonderful chapter. do what you need to, we will patiently (well sort ofwait while you deal with real life
9/7/2021 c65 4heather4cu
Nice to see this connection between Gertrude and Edith. With James away, she truly seems to be finding her own purpose again. And I liked the mention of Nathan's ears. I'm guessing that will continue to come up and be an issue for him. Great chapter!
9/7/2021 c65 8Missela
Thank you for letting us know how the animals were taken care of while the families were in Edmonton with James!

They are finally free from that evil teacher and that awful bully. And Edith and Gertrude know each other! How wonderful is that! I'm happy that this is the solution for their educational needs.
9/6/2021 c65 Jacki Foster
I love how small our world can be sometimes! I love the fact that Edith knows Gertrude and trusts her! And that she will be staying in Edith’s home! I hope that they all can get something done about Ms Fletcher! She should not be teaching children! Can’t wait for more! Thanks!
9/6/2021 c65 SaSeLi777
It is so worth whatever wait there is to see these real life problems handled in a different way. Thank you for your gift and sharing it with us! (Hugs)
9/6/2021 c65 Guest
Exciting chapter. Happy to see the three kids escape that horrible teacher.
8/23/2021 c64 Guest
A hero who does not like to be recognized or awarded for his accomplishments. Now I know where Nathan learned that. Excellent writing.
8/22/2021 c64 Jacki Foster
I was so hoping that they would find Kathryn Clarke! I can understand James’ frustration! I hope that he gets well soon and can go back to Edith! Theirs is a very special love story! Can’t wait for more!
8/22/2021 c64 4heather4cu
Poor James! I think the family visit was just what he needed. I am so curious about this widow. Charlotte Thornton perhaps? Still hoping they find Kathryn.
8/22/2021 c64 SaSeLi777
OMG: Someone mentioned this could be Charlotte Thornton! I wouldn’t have figured it out… but it makes so much sense! It also explains her tough-as-nails attitude and no-nonsense delivery! I love it!
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