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6/11/2021 c59 SaSeLi777
What can we, your devoted readers say, except you, too, must take care of yourself! Your little gift of this chapter was so much faster than expected with your moving woes this month! Thank you!

I love your characters! Ophelia will always be Nathan’s mother’s name to me…. Because you introduced her firstand I love it!

Love the relationships between the Grants and the Normandeaus… but now I’m starting to care about the McSweeneys. I hope Mrs. McSweeny can accept help to learn to cook. She will feel so much better about herself! And Eon is a sweet surprise!
6/11/2021 c59 8Missela
The chapter was worth the wait! I like how they are all working together to help.
5/31/2021 c58 Rockchelle99
So happy to see another chapter! Poor Ophelia…I knew she couldn’t keep up with the pace of not getting a full nights sleep! She trying so hard to help Archie ! But at the cost of her own health. I hope something else can be done to help Archie with his gambling problem. I love that the kids have each other & Thomas. I love how Nate is very protective of his mom. Can’t wait to read more!
5/31/2021 c58 Jacki Foster
Poor Ophelia! She is trying so hard to help Archie, but she has such a full schedule. I so wish that they could get some help for Archie! I am glad that Nate and Colleen have Thomas, and that Thomas has Nate and Colleen! I hope they can continue to be close! Great story! Thanks!
5/31/2021 c58 Debbie Mattke
Poor Ophelia! Maybe the McSweeney parents are learning to be better parents. Thank you for the update.
5/31/2021 c58 Missela
So how does Archie function on little sleep? Even when he was gambling. Not just the Plan A lack of sleep. I'm guessing he needs less sleep than Ophelia and that his job isn't as taxing as all the work that Ophelia does. It was nice of the McSweeney's to step in and help. I'm worried about all of the Grants.
5/29/2021 c57 Missela
Poor Nate. You are doing a beautiful job of showing us how the adult Nathan became who he is.
5/29/2021 c57 11L3Writing
thanks for this chapter. Love the protective and pouty Nate!
5/28/2021 c57 Debbie Mattke
Little Nate is very protective of his mother. I was sad for her and Nate when they left Archie. Loving that story!
5/28/2021 c56 Debbie Mattke
I love Actually it’s constable Mrs. Thornton! You are such a good writer. I love little Nate.
5/28/2021 c57 SaSeLi777
I love James and how he wants to help Archie and Ophelia! And little Nate… such a little protector!

Thank you for your chapter! Long or short… I love them!
5/28/2021 c57 Jacki Foster
I just really hate that Archie is having such a hard time with his gambling, and how it affects his family! Nate has always been a protector! Great story! Can’t wait for more chapters! Thanks!
5/17/2021 c56 8Missela
Ugh. I knew this was coming. And we know it's going to get worse. But it's still hard to read. I'm glad Colleen was able to bring some happiness to her friends
5/16/2021 c56 Rockchelle99
So happy to read another chapter! I love both of your current stories, especially this one! Love the closeness of both families & how they include Thomas in their lives. I feel for Archie and his gambling problem…I know he loves his family but his gambling is an addiction & will destroy his family if he doesn’t get himself together. Looking forward to reading more!
5/13/2021 c1 Guest
I was afraid you might stop adding to this story, as at least other writer has. I am glad that you are not planning to do that, so I will wait patiently for the next update. ️️️ I also love Actually It’s Constable, Mrs. Thornton very, very much. I am glad you rescued Nathan from the dreadful place in Cape Fullerton, and brought back his memories, and that Elizabeth has admitted her feelings for him. Excellent job!
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