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for The Story of Nathan Grant

2/4 c97 dpmancill
Still thoroughly enjoying Nathan's back story and eagerly anticipating many more chapters. Thank you so much for going into the backgrovthat has made him who he is. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
2/3 c97 Guest
The Grants are so blessed to have James and Edith to help them. I love this story, and am always excited to see a new chapter. Thank you so much for the many hours of time you spend writing it.
2/3 c97 SaSeLi777
Love your story however long it takes!
1/27 c96 dpmancill
Very invested in Nathan's story and so very thankful you're filling in those holes. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
1/27 c96 8Missela
Big trials for someone so young. The age of my daughters. Nate is doing a whole lot more than they have to. I may have them listen to this chapter even though they haven't heard the rest of the story.
1/22 c96 SaSeLi777
I love Nate’s story. All your character’s dynamics really intrigue me! Bravo!
1/22 c96 Guest
I love this story. It seems so real. I frequently cry as I read it. For Nathan each time Archie misses his birthday. When Nathan’s fishing pole got broken. When Nathan has to hunt at such a young age. When Archie stole Ophelia’s brooch. Every time Nathan has been injured.
1/22 c96 Heartie Observer
I love this story! It's one of my absolute favorites! Thank you for putting so much time and research into writing it!
1/13 c95 dpmancill
So very much appreciating you giving us Nathan's history. For him to have developed into the wonderful person he is considering everything he went through growing up speaks volumes for his character. As always, anxiously awaiting further chapters. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
1/11 c92 1westxngal
I'm so saddened to learn what you are facing. Praying for you.
I've been enjoying your story so much!
1/9 c95 8Missela
Thanks for the warning about what is coming up.

We all knew it was coming. But to hear the story of the ruby brooch was challenging. I'm so glad that James and Edith are there for them. I'm pleased that Nate was able to have some happiness in this chapter! He experienced real joy when he was told he could take care of General!
1/9 c94 Missela
I can see how being so tall at just 9 years old would be bothersome to a boy who didn't want to stand out. Archie, Archie, Archie... so sad to see him getting deeper and deeper into trouble.
1/8 c95 Guest
So sad for Nathan, Colleen, and Ophelia. Thrilled that Nathan gets General!
1/8 c95 SaSeLi777
So good to hear your story… even if Archie is in a really sad state of affairs.
12/30/2022 c94 dpmancill
I thank you for your diligence in getting this story for us, as I for one, am immensely involved with the journey and anxiously await new chapters. Continue to take care of yourself and please keep writing.
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