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for The Story of Nathan Grant

12/29/2022 c94 Guest
Thanks for this new chapter. I love this story.
12/29/2022 c94 SaSeLi777
So good to see this chapter and your other story!
11/4/2022 c93 Debbiek55
You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read your note on the last chapter. My husband’s mother died from this same disease. She passed the year before I meet him. He has 2 brothers and a sister and no signs of the disease continues. I continue to pray for you and your family.
I enjoy this story so much and look forward to reading all parts. Please take care of yourself.
11/3/2022 c93 7Missela
I am concerned about Mr. McSweeney. I'm always concerned about what Archie is up to. I'm proud of Nate and Colleen working so hard and being able to help with expenses. What a great gift Nate got his sister!

Thank you for posting. I look forward to the next one whenever your health and life allow you to.
11/3/2022 c93 dpmancill
So thankful for the continuation. Nathan is absolutely my favorite character from that show and being able to have this back story is fantastic. Sorry you're having to cope with health issues and I can empathize with your struggles. I've had a few of my own as well. Definitely looking forward to much more of this story. Take care of yourself and, Lord willing, please keep writing.
10/7/2022 c92 4heather4cu
I am so sorry to hear the news about your diagnosis. Sending you so much love. Don't worry about when or how long the chapters are. Take care of you first.
9/27/2022 c91 heather4cu
Great way to tie in the "You Matter to Me" line! I suppose a certain future Mountie will be inspired by it:) Poor Nathan though-Archie gone for another birthday. I am glad he has so many loving people around him. Also curious about Eoan's ailment.
9/27/2022 c92 dpmancill
Thank you for the update. Am anticipating the many more chapters to come as we are still in the early years. Thoroughly enjoying this Nathan Grant background saga. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
9/26/2022 c92 7Missela
I like that Nate is good at math and was able to balance the accounts. What is Archie up to this time? Trying to pay back a previous debt? It's sad that Colleen finally experienced what Nate experienced so often.

My heart hurts for you and your health.
9/25/2022 c92 8Eilie Hunter
My heart goes out to you, my friend. The diagnosis is
daunting. Nevertheless I am praying that God will delay the progression, calm your body and mind and give you peace. Trusting His future for you, not the medical teams’.
Thanks for the update on this story. I have loved it from the start as it really gives a believable backstory to dear Nathan.
As expected I get upset with Archie, but do understand addiction is a long-term issue to beat. Always curious as to what he is up to next.
Sorry to say for Colleen’s sake, but I am glad that sweet Nathan isn’t the only one to suffer from their Dad’s absences on birthdays.
I just hope someone will help Nathan learn to forgive as he is becoming bitter and that isn’t good. Glad Colleen guided him on respect though.
I feel this is a story that can continue for years. Don’t be overwhelmed though please? You are crafting a beautiful story and I will welcome the next chapter when you are ready.
Thanks for this story as well as for your honest sharing.
Bless you, Eilie
9/25/2022 c92 Guest
I love your story.
I am terribly sorry about your diagnosis and will pray for you every day. I will continue following this awesome story for as long as you feel able and desire to continue writing it. May God bless you.
9/15/2022 c90 4heather4cu
I am glad Archie was around for he holidays but I hope he does not relapse. I suspect he probably will. Loving the cuteness of Thomas and Colleen!
9/3/2022 c91 Guest
What an emotional chapter! Poor Nate! It is sad for Ophelia and Colleen too, that Archie is the way he is. But to abandon the family on Nate’s birthday every year!
Thank you for this story.
9/3/2022 c91 7Missela
Wow, Mr McSweeney's not well. Archie missing another birthday. And boxing lessons. All topped off with a coded I love you. I am glad that James is in Nathan's life.
9/3/2022 c91 dpmancill
Thank you. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey with the Grant family. Nathan is my favorite character and having this look into what has made him who he is is very entertaining. I am so glad you are sharing this with us. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
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