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for The Story of Nathan Grant

9/3/2022 c91 SaSeLi777
Your story is always worth the wait! I love that Nate is so deep for such a young fellow and has a variety of love and friendships to help himespecially a strong man named James!
9/3/2022 c91 Guest 21
Great chapter! I love when you delve into Nate's feelings about Archie the best. I hope we get to see a lot more of that. Plus his relationship with James is fantastic! Keep up the good work
8/30/2022 c89 4heather4cu
The heartbreak continues for this family. 8 miscarriages? Wow. I am glad Ophelia has so many people looking out for her and showing love. The hunting section was uncomfortable to read but I get that it was also true to the period. And I always love how you weave in characteristics of adult Nathan too-him protecting his family and running hands through his hair. Also we get a tall reference too.
8/21/2022 c90 dpmancill
Please take care of yourself and keep writing.
8/14/2022 c90 Guest
Always ready for more chapters. Thank you. Take care of yourself and keep writing.
8/13/2022 c90 Guest
It is good to see Ophelia recovering and to see Archie being with his family. I love this story and appreciate your research and attention to historical accuracy. (Although I never check to see if fan fiction stories are.). Thank you.
8/13/2022 c90 8Missela
No knitting for Nate? I'd think that since he grows so much he would need extras made for him! Or didn't he get Christmas knitting because he gets knitted things like socks so often throughout the year, that Christmas knitting is no longer special? Surprisingly, the no knitting for Nate is what struck me with this chapter.

I'm surprised by Ophelia's decision, too. But she's right. She does need the protection of being married.
8/7/2022 c88 4heather4cu
Poor Ophelia and Nate and Colleen! This chapter was so heartbreaking to read. But I am glad that James finally called out Archie for his actions.
8/6/2022 c89 Guest
So good to get another chapter and I am certain you have many more to come. Always received with eagerness. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
8/5/2022 c89 Guest
Poor Ophelia, Colleen and Nathan. If only Archie would change his ways…but we know it took him many years. This story is always interesting and I have been following it since the beginning. Thank you so much for writing it. Your work is greatly appreciated.
8/5/2022 c89 8Missela
I feel for Ophelia and the whole family. And the responsibilities that Nate feels are his. I'm glad that James is helping him learn to hunt. I'm also glad that Edith was determined to visit. I hope all is well with her health because of her visit, despite the risks she's taken. Ophelia needed her.
8/5/2022 c89 SaSeLi777
These relationships are so realistic! I loved be how James and Edith Cate about Ophelia. Thomas loving Ma is extra special! And I love how James teaches Nate how to help his family survive!
7/31/2022 c88 Guest
Hoping you're doing well and hope the trip was a good one. Definitely awaiting further chapters and happy to have gotten this one. Take care of yourself and definitely keep writing!
7/26/2022 c88 Missela
How sad. Twins, too. Makes me doubly thankful for my twins.
7/24/2022 c88 SaSeLi777
ANY of your chapters are worth the wait! I hate has had so many miscarriages… especially these twins! James makes such good points to Archie! If only, Archie would really listen!

Nate taking care of his mom and Colleen is amazing for how young this sweet boy is!
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