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for The Story of Nathan Grant

6/28/2022 c86 8Missela
Wise Luke! Poor Thomas with his heart racing! And promises. I like that they made a pact.
6/28/2022 c86 Guest
Thank you so much for continuing chapters. Always anxiously anticipated. Continue to take good care of yourself and please keep writing.
6/28/2022 c86 SaSeLi777
Love this chapter! Being a teen or even preteen is always difficult. Sadly, teens usually go to other teens rather than older wiser folks! These young ones have even more issues since Da is not present and causes mistrust!
6/27/2022 c85 Guest
I love long chapters! Especially in this story. I enjoy it so much.
6/26/2022 c85 Missela
The hardships with Archie is disappointing. But I think they are doing well. I'm like Nate and Ophelia. I like the quiet time.

Thomas and Colleen! But then there's Nate. I like that the boys are learning to cook.
6/26/2022 c84 JILLIAN
6/19/2022 c77 Dee Bee2
I feel so sad for Nate
6/18/2022 c84 Guest
I loved this chapter, as always. Thank you.
6/17/2022 c83 4heather4cu
I'm glad that Colleen also had a great birthday and that Archie attended. I'm guessing he gambled to be able to pay for the earrings. I like that the Normandeaus are praying for the the Grants and I'm really glad the timing worked out for them to be back in Red Deer. But wow Bobby and Stan are awful. It sounds just like Nathan to defend his sister and then have remorse about what happened. And Colleen going all Mama Bear on Nate also sounds about right.
6/17/2022 c83 Missela
Poor Nate. But yes, I see how he understands consequences more than Archie. Though, maybe Archie is learning a bit because he sold his violin and sheet music.

I hope the Rutherfords take James' advice and don't return.
6/15/2022 c84 SaSeLi777
I really love James and his investigative skills. That was so clever to take hand prints and have the doctor match the prints to the bruises and two other Mounties taking notes. He is such a good example of a real man for Nate!
6/15/2022 c84 Guest
Thank you! Definitely anticipating many further chapters! Take care of yourself and please keep writing!
6/15/2022 c82 heather4cu
We finally have a happy birthday for Nate! Yay! He's showered with love and gifts. I'm happy that Archie was there for both the camping trip and the party but sounds like trouble is brewing since he gambled for the gift money:(
6/15/2022 c81 heather4cu
I like that Nate is starting to stand up for himself. And he wants to be a vet? It will be interesting to see when that changes to a Mountie.
6/15/2022 c83 JILLIAN
Mrs Fletcher has got to go! That old Bat.
Kudos to Nate for fighting back against that brat.
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