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for The Story of Nathan Grant

6/13/2022 c15 Dee Bee2
Another wonderful chapter. This story has me absolutely enthralled
6/13/2022 c14 Dee Bee2
This was an amazing chapter. Thank you
6/12/2022 c83 8Missela
I'm glad that Colleen got another happy birthday! Loved to hear the giggles of the girls AND the boys!

Poor Nate. He finally had enough when they threatened his sister. And he knew it was wrong. Poor kid has had to endure so much bullying. What now? I'm glad that the other kids are seeing that you shouldn't mess with them. But what happens now?
6/12/2022 c83 SaSeLi777
Poor Nate! He wants so badly to have peace! While he won’t fight for himself, he will fight for his sister!

I love how Colleen got Bobby off Nate, Thomas’ assurance that if she held her fist right it wouldn’t hurt as bad, James’ correction and help, Nate’s and Thomas’ willingness to help Colleen.
6/12/2022 c83 Guest
Good that Colleen defended Nathan. Also good that Nathan defended himself against Stan. Hopefully Stan snd the others will stop being to cruel to Nate
6/12/2022 c83 Guest
Thank you, thoroughly enjoying Nathan Grant's journey. Glad you were able to renew your lease and am looking forward to many more chapters. Continue to take care of yourself and definitely keep writing!
6/10/2022 c82 Missela
This was so wonderful to have a happy birthday for Nate! They have all been sad so far. It's not hard to see why he didn't want anything special for that day because it was always a disappointment. To have Archie make the camping trip was really special. And the woodworking tools of his own. I'm happy for him and the memories that were made this day. But like Ophelia, I wonder what has he been doing in Blackfalds. Gambling and winning is my guess. At least he was around for this birthday. My guess is that this happy day and experience will have to last a lifetime.
6/10/2022 c82 Guest
Thank you! Thoroughly enjoying this journey. Nathan is my favorite character from that show and the more we know, the better the story. Hope everyone is well. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
6/9/2022 c82 SaSeLi777
Stories always are better when buoyed up by real life (such as dogs having a way of finding their own special treats)!So glad Nate finally had a good birthday! Ophelia is such a special woman. She wants to be an optimist, but since she’s a realist, she can be happy about Archie’s gift to Nate while worrying about the real cost of the gift. I truly feel for her!
6/9/2022 c82 JILLIAN
At least Archie appeared at one of Nate's birthdays!
Poor kid didn't want to set himself up for disappointment. I've been through that.
My dead father never came for my birthdays, I disowned him up to the day he died.
6/6/2022 c81 Debbie Mattke
I loved this chapter. So great that James is reinstated. Nathan was clever, doing the project the way he did. I wish the mean teacher would go away and a nice, fair one would replace her. This story of Nathan is so in-depth but makes me sad that Nathan is treated badly so often. It is especially bad that Archie continually ruins Nathan’s birthdays. Please, please keep writing this story. It is CB one of my favorites.
6/5/2022 c81 Guest
Thank you! Yes, it's been a long time coming, but know that I for one, am anxiously awaiting further chapters. Take good care of yourself and please keep writing!
6/5/2022 c81 SaSeLi777
I’m sorry about the wall… but I think most of us understand. When you begging to think of Nathan’s story (without TPTB or WCTH), I am sure you will be inspired again! Nathan Grant is a super little man thanks to you! I enjoy watching how you have him care for himself and how the ones who live him most care for him. You are his best mentor and benefactor because of how you tell his story! Kudos for giving us a great story even while in the doldrums!
6/5/2022 c81 Missela
I am so glad that they reinstated James back to Colonel! That's what he needs to be. Nate was so determined. And quiet. I'm glad that he fought back against Stan in his own way. That's our Nate! PS - sometimes you've written Stand instead of Stan.
5/25/2022 c80 4heather4cu
Oh gosh Bobby is just awful. But it seems to be developing Nate's character-I'm glad that he didn't let it bother him. Boo to Mrs. Fletcher being back. Hopefully they can find a new teacher soon. And yay to the Normandeaus being back. At least the Grants will have support for this next phase.
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