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5/25/2022 c80 4heather4cu
Oh gosh Bobby is just awful. But it seems to be developing Nate's character-I'm glad that he didn't let it bother him. Boo to Mrs. Fletcher being back. Hopefully they can find a new teacher soon. And yay to the Normandeaus being back. At least the Grants will have support for this next phase.
5/24/2022 c80 Guest
Thank you, really enjoying Nathan Grant's story. Hoping for many, many more chapters! Take care of yourself and please keep writing!
5/23/2022 c80 8Missela
The poor children have to endure that teacher again. And poor Nate. His writing career was dashed because of bullies. But then, maybe if he writes to publish, instead of private thoughts, it wouldn't matter so much if it was read at recess.

I'm glad the Normandeaus are back. But you say it's the beginning of bigger problems. Hmmm. With them? Edith's health? James' authority? Or problems centered around Archie and his gambling addiction?
4/18/2022 c79 4heather4cu
The first part of the chapter was a bit shocking. Maybe I missed something previously but felt a little out of left field. And I'm sad to see the Wiggins leaving Red Deer but I know adult Nathan doesn't seem to be in touch with any of these folks so at some point they have to move on. Interesting A/N about Luke. I'm intrigued.
4/18/2022 c79 8Missela
Oh man, I wanted them to meet! It's too bad the kids got sick. Especially while visiting Edith, too. At least Archie made enough money to go with them. I'm glad about that.
4/17/2022 c79 Guest
Different, yes, but still anxiously awaiting the continuance of the Nathan Grant saga. Thank you!
4/4/2022 c5 Margaret Redmon
I did enjoy reading this chapter, but it brought so much sadness to my heart. To think how hard Ophelia works to take care of her family and he was will to ruin it by going behind her back and buying the cards. I know this is just a story, but this sort of thing really happens. Alcohol and gamblingdestroys so many families. It's so sad when that happens. I'm enjoying reading about Nathan as a child.
3/29/2022 c78 10Eilie Hunter
I have so missed this story continuing! Thanks for posting again.
This is the only story I’ve read that explores the depths of how Archie’s addiction really hurt Nateaffectedwounded his personality.
My heart is always in my throat with this story as poor Nate’s pain is so hard to read, but he is such a sweet boy! I just want to hug himmake it all better.
Yet I know Nate’s suffering is why he grows into such a strongsensitive, quietly wise, winsome, trustworthyhonorable man.
I picture Nathan just shaking his head when Allie asked him if the reason he became a Mountie was to be different than his father. Your story gives us a powerful explanation of that silent acknowledgment. A painful yet beautiful story.
Thank you.
3/26/2022 c78 8Missela
I love Colleen's "God's hearing from me until we find him." and "God, if you don't bring Nate back to us safely, we're gonna have words."

It sounds so like Colleen! I'm glad that they are still going to go to Winnipeg. I like how Ophelia knows her son and that he already knew he had done wrong. The punishment is appropriate. It's going to be really hard on Nate.
3/26/2022 c78 4heather4cu
So glad that Nate is safe and sound and that the trip is still on! I wonder how Ophelia will handle Archie now.
3/25/2022 c78 Debbie Mattke
Chapter 78 made me very angry at Archie, but grateful for good friends who will make sure Nate, Ophelia, and Colleen get to go to Winnipeg. I love this story.
3/25/2022 c78 SaSeLi777
I love young Nate! He is so serious, deep, strong, empathetic! He is an old soul in a young body! Bless his heart! And it’s a good thing his mom has more brains than the Mounties around there!
3/17/2022 c77 heather4cu
Yet another birthday ruined by Archie. It's sad when you have so much goodness around you but it's still not enough because the one person you're trying to please isn't there for you. Poor Nathan. His anger as an adult is quite understandable. On a lighter note, I love that Colleen predicted that he'd marry a teacher and have 6 kids. Will that come true? :)
3/5/2022 c77 8Missela
I knew that would happen. But reading about it was still disappointing. I love to see how Nate has developed!

I hope he and General are alright. That they don't have any trouble and they both return safely.
3/4/2022 c77 Fanfic Junkie
Poor Nate. I can completely picture him as a sweet little boy. I’m nervous for what will happen to him and General. Hopefully he is just off to the McSweeney farm where he will still be safe.
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