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3/4/2022 c77 SaSeLi777
Poor Nate!
3/4/2022 c1 6DragonHeart2006
Test review
2/13/2022 c76 8Missela
I'm so glad that they are going to get to see Luke! I love how Gertrude was able to take Thomas' enthusiasm and change it into lessons for the class. That's what I do every day as a homeschooling mom.

I'm not looking forward to Archie going back to Blackfalds for the book. Especially with 4 saloons now instead of 1. I predict him losing what money he does have and not being able to get the book either.

I'm not sure what Blackfalds was like back then. But when I lived in Lacombe (the next town North) it was quite small. Both Lacombe and Blackfalds have grown a lot in the last 25 years.
1/30/2022 c75 4heather4cu
I'm so glad that the Normandeaus are staying in touch with the Red Deer crew. It's also nice to have this window into Mildred's sister and Luke's home life. It seems Alexander is the actual problem. Hopefully everyone can meet up in Winnipeg.
1/29/2022 c75 SaSeLi777
I’m glad to see Margaret’s sister trying to help her son! Smart thinking switching locations to Winnipeg! I hope it works!
1/29/2022 c75 Debbie Mattke
Your stories are always worth the wait. I love the story about Nathan and appreciate that you have given him a history. I love chapter 75 and hope Thomas will get to visit for the summer. Is there a chance his mother may even come with him and leave that dreadful husband? That is probably some thing she wouldn’t have the courage to do, though she seems very unhappy.
1/29/2022 c75 8Missela
Oh! I hope they can all meet in Winnipeg! It's a want. But it also feels like a need. Family needs family. The Normandeaus need them. Luke needs them. And although the Red Deer families have each other, they need the Normandeaus as well. It sounds like Luke's mom is being more open and her husband is being the most stubborn. I like that you are showing us Luke's personality, and him learning magic tricks!
1/29/2022 c74 Guest
Hoping you're getting your story gears back in motion. Anxiously awaiting further adventures of Nathan Grant.
1/26/2022 c74 Guest
Still anxiously awaiting for further enlightenment in the story of Nathan Grant-much more interesting than what WCTH came up with, very much enjoying the adventures leading to the battle and hoping for a positive outcome from the battle that started the story.
1/24/2022 c74 4heather4cu
I'm glad everyone is still getting along nicely even without James and Edith around. And I do really hope that Luke can come for a visit-he does seem really sad.
1/16/2022 c74 Guest
I love all of your chapters! This story is a favorite of mine and reminds me a lot of the works of Flannery O'Connor, who I love! I will say though, I need more of the Nathan/Archie storyline. Those are the most intriguing for me. Keep up the good work! I'm looking for to the next chapter
1/15/2022 c74 8Missela
Life without the Normandeaus is going to be tough. So different. I'm curious to find out if Luke will be able to come.
1/15/2022 c74 SaSeLi777
The ups and downs of life hurt… but they are made so much better having our lives touched by beautiful loving souls! I think this chapter showed that very well!

And I love how your stories are so real to life and yet show the proof of love in humanity! Thanks for sharing!
1/15/2022 c74 Guest
Thank you for the update. I am still enjoying this story so very much. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it.
1/12/2022 c73 4heather4cu
Glad that everyone could spend one last Christmas together and also attend the wedding.I'm sad that James and Edith have left. Hopefully they can reunite with their chosen family in the near future.
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