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5/13 c1 Ruan12345
coisa legal essa fic
4/12/2021 c3 Guestinator
The idea itself has potential except all the horrible grammar and cap lock makes it fail even worse than it already was.

Let me explain.

You could have flashbacks for each version as she tells her story, to show as a mini story their experiences with all that entails such as "Words between these" and character interactions. Cut the flashback off at the end and have that Taylor back typing on the forum to the other Taylors.

Waddy boom waddy bing, you now have a show and tell story that is highly engaging. Instead we have what amounts to word vomit that takes the quickest and simplest route of story telling.

It sucks cause the idea itself is as I said genius. Just wish you would push yourself to truly shine and have this take off.

Get a beta, use some free grammar and spell checkers (They are Free!), and push yourself to excel instead of striving for barely readable.
9/18/2020 c6 pallendin pie
you did a repeat of chap 5 on this one
9/17/2020 c6 9aglondier
You need a beta.
9/13/2020 c4 10The Nachoman
Dude: do something about your formatting issue. It's eye watering.
6/16/2020 c4 Guest
Corrupt and incompetent authorities who screwed it all up

The shards screw with peoples heads and seek out conflict

On top of trauma the shards give you want you think you want in the worst possible way

So there is no using tinker tech to improve society medically or arcology building and farming and the environment because they are there to make things worse

Maybe all powers like that

Clever assassination or attrition

Conflict is apparently more interesting to read about for most people than post bio/cyber solar punk post scarcity still I want to read about it

Everyone should have Symbioid duplicate a dozen like angelus warriors

Some think if it goes on like this it's not going to be any different than if aliens conquered/enslavevd humanity we'd be bred to be like dogs who genetically worship our masters as work/herd/guard/attack/lap/etc dogs

Survive-flight/eat/fight/mate THIS is who we are at our core we can't control our nature but we can control our actions

Sythdroid hench dies becomes two (max one thousand for balance) becomes fire team, squads, and sections, companies, platoons, and regiments, they cover entire continents entire worlds, behind them roar and howl the engines of battle tanks war machines so massive they crush mountains to dust beneath their treads, ships and attack craft blot out the sun
6/13/2020 c3 The Nachoman
User: Ladybug.

For one thing, thanks to ROB for unblocking our view.
For another, we are totally freaking out: we seem to be following the "main line". We had our own kind of Locker (even if ours didn't happen until March 7 rather than the common January 3); then we had our first battle exactly on the dot for the main timeline: we scouted and ultimately collaborated on Lung's arrest on April 10. Next mayor event: Leaviathan is supposed to come knocking on May 15! Tomorrow!

We are trying everything we can to wake ourselves up! We want to raise the alarm! We need to raise the alarm!

Besides, what could we do in this kind of an engagement? We're scout and distraction specialists, and are training hard on both intelligence and espionage, but when all the chips are down, we're nothing but two squishy humans who can control bugs and can teleport with minimal cargo, strictly line of sight. Even with normal rain we're down to seeing strictly indoors and with teleporting a city block at a time. With Leaviathan we'll be down to being pretty!

Not that we'll remember anything when we wake up, but: any ideas for tomorrow? We don't want to die, but we won't be the only Ward who cowers inside the PRT bunker.

USER: The Ratter.


Long time user, but always kept quiet. Also, one of apparently the very few guys on this thing.

I too can see now as well. It was too late for me, though: my Uncle Alan, my Aunty Zoe, my Dad and my very adorkable GF Emma died three days ago. My big sis Zoe is missing, so presumed dead. And I'm also homeless: Leaviathan came, but Scion didn't, so Leaviathan had all of the time in the world to undermine the city and wash it into the bay. Some southside and downtown shelters were actually designed for the possibility and floated, but in the Docks, they were little more than refitted fallout shelters and sank like rocks.

The only consolation I have is that it must have been either quick or painless: they either ruptured and drowned everybody inside real quick, or they stayed sealed and everybody fell to CO2 poisoning, which Dad told me everything about: you just get drowsy, then fall asleep, then die.

And technically, I'm legally dead as well. I've seen myself in the "Missing, presumed dead" lists. Should I bother to correct that?

And I also don't know were to go, now: I've been an independent hero ever since I Triggered, but today I'm reading that Sophia Hess, the thug that harassed Emma so much must be the much touted hero Shadow Stalker. Is all of the Protectorate nothing but thugs that like to tout their own horns? I'm travelling south, by the way, trying to get to New York. Do you know if I should bother at all with the heroes, or just try to get contracted by a farming corporation as a rodent control specialist?

Ladybug: by any chance, do you girls control crabs? I think I've seen crab parts in the beach. Not that I think it will make any difference: toward the end of the fight, Leaviathan began killing people by pulling them apart by their blood. Turns out that his Manton Limit was purely him pulling his punches! Just get the heck out of dodge!

Pokegirl: in fear of being called a creep or something, what's with the name? I'm The Ratter because rodents in my area of effect like following my orders. Do you have a Striker power were you poke people and it does something?
6/3/2020 c3 Artyom095
I like the idea of this Forum for Taylors of different Worm Verifications, I have an idea that I have never written and from what I have seen apparently there are those who write ideas in the comments but would have to translate them with a google translator into English, well whatever please continue I like to read this topic and I will try to follow it.
5/7/2020 c2 The Nachoman
USER: Ladybug
Princesses, galls and the few guys. It's bad enough that, masks-on, all our friends have to pretend that we don't mind.
And it ain't mushrooms, either. We actually thought it could be carbon monoxide in our bedroom at home, but inviting over Kid Win demonstrated that our home has no such issues. Our interface isn't a block of text in the air or something: we go to sleep, then we sometimes dream that we are at our computers browsing these forums, and then wake up in the morning knowing that we were back in the Taylor Hebert Forums, but we don't remember but the vaguest thing about it. And as to how it started: one day there was a diskette on top of one of our computers which said, precisely, "The Taylor Hebert Forums", but it was blank and we didn't think anything about it until we dreamed our first session that night.
As to censored out text: it has a pattern to it. It doesn't normally blank anything when people are just chatting, but it then goes crazy when somebody starts giving their biography, commenting on their past fights or past threats beyond their first few months as active capes, except for some of you who didn't start out anywhere in New England or have powers that simply don't lend themselves to combat. We imagine this ROB fellow must be censoring events that are still possible in our future. Which in this case means that we must be at the beginning of our own story.
And as to our story: we Triggered; a week later we were sworn into the Wards; a couple months hence we helped capture Lung (high level Changer: slowly turns into a fire-covered dragon and gets stronger the longer he fights); then a mad bomber in his gang went on a killing spree and we scouted her lab ahead of the operation executing her Kill Order; then we really began to notice our brains were scrambling each other and we had a breakdown; then we bounced back, befriended Dryad (we think most of you call her Panacea), and began dating Aegis.
That's our bio so far. No grand battles, which seems to be (in context) what many of your bios are all about: And that scares us, because we guess we are heading your way.

USER: Sister Anne (Taylor of Heri Berth), Empowered Witch, Nun of the Abbey of Arcadia, Church of the Golden Zion, in the Duchy of Brockton, Colony of New England. Anno Domini 1905.
I apologize so much for speaking up.
Here in my cell, one day I saw a shower of golden sparks deposit this book. This book that nobody but me can see and seems to be a collective journal and written forum for me, across many, many realities. This book full of wonders like Jules Verne himself was writing about me!
For almost three years I have been reading on all of the lives of the different mes across the worlds, never feeling secure to write about the quiet life of a quiet nun like me. It wasn't until Brother Kenta took a turn to teach and taught us Eastern philosophy that I finally understood that I too have something to contribute to these blessed pages. While I long for adventure, as most wizards and witches do, he taught us of how much times of disquiet can also be a calamity.
In his home country of Japan, people curse each others by telling "May you live in interesting times."
My own times are blessed by being uninteresting: the world is happy under the velvet glove of Her World Majesty Queen Victoria the Second. The flying capital of Atlantis continuously takes tribute from colonies in plenty and gives it back to colonies in famine. Wars are fought by champions instead of armies, and that if they ever get outside the Chamber of Nations. And the Imperial Air Navy is always vigilant, always ready to step in and help colonial governors and constabularies who may face miscreants, radicals, republicans and traitors beyond their own capacity. As to us Witches and Wizards, we are detected as soon as we Activate (what most of you call Trigger) then the circumstance of our Activation is investigated by the Imperial Air Navy while we are sent to evaluation. From then on we are given choices as to how to best develop ourselves and how to best serve either our region, our Nation or Colony (not that there's a real difference), or to go straight to serving the Empire. I am for one considered a high value asset and I am allowed to do whatever I want (where I prefer to study in my abbey) as long a I'm available to kill insect plagues that may threaten fields throughout the continent.
Although, as to my view into the forum, I too have issues with not seeing everything. I can see your biographies clearly and complete, but I see naught but bloats of ink whenever somebody describes engineering marvels beyond my world. I believe that, in the benevolence of the Golden Zion, I am not allowed to see things that would damage my world. Or perhaps his infinite wisdom wishes to see us discover those on our own, like your normal tales of flying in vessels faster than sound.
Sister Anne wishes all of you the best. Please all of you go in adventures while I go drown locust clouds in nearby rivers.
4/27/2020 c1 FanBoy01
Taylor is boring.
4/27/2020 c1 The Nachoman
Earth - Bet - Reality # 13408555
User: Ladybug.
These is us, Taylor Anne and Taylor Rose Hebert. Or Taylor for short, because we've come to realize that pretending that we're still separate individuals is nothing but wishful thinking.
We are the hero "Ladybug" in our reality. Yeah: "hero" in singular: we are a Case 70. By the Case system of the PRT, that means we are a pair of twins who became conjoined or fused at the moment of our Trigger Event.
Our Trigger Event, by the way, was a variant of the Locker: the janitorial break room at Winslow's basement, plenty of duct tape, and a couple buckets of fire ants. Yeah, our Sophia was as bad as what seems to be the average. Emma as well, although we are pretty sure those two were an item until they were arrested. Surprisingly, though, Madison kept a very detailed diary which she tossed at the prosecution and saw a good dozen arrests.
Our Protectorate and PRT don't seem to be quite as corrupt / incompetent as most of yours seem to be. Although it hurts us to see so many of your Armsmasters be complete arseholes and/or gloryhounds, and your Directors Piggot be some anti-cape crazy far above her incompetence level. Our Armsmaster is fairly robotic, but still a good boss, And Shadow Stalker was never a Ward, so we have absolutely no hard feelings with the team or the institution.
Now, we're the envy of most Case 70's because we aren't physically fused, and can in fact get away from each other the best part of a mile. We, in turn, envy Tandem: while those two girls can't get physically further from each other than to sleep on separate bedrooms, they aren't mentally fused like us, feeling and controlling each others bodies and hearing each other thoughts all the time.
We are seeing loads and loads of greyed-out text in plenty of these posts. We guess that's all information censored by whoever created this weird mental forum. It scares us, looking hard at greyed out text makes us look at images of Endbringers and other S-class threats.
If you can read this, befriend the healer that may be called Panacea, Dryad or Marchioness in your world, or at least try to talk her about finances and the fact that it is preposterous to think that heroes don't make money out of their powers. Turns out that New Wave is rotten to the core, have fed her that tripe since she Triggered and have hushed deals for big bucks with every hospital she's allowed to visit.
Take care, everybody.
PS: It looks like Mum being an English teacher seems to be her most common profession. Have a little shame, all of you Taylor Heberts, and clean up your acts! Half of you seem to write in chat-speak, while most of the rest barely seem to bother!
4/25/2020 c1 EP

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