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for Harry Potter the Mutant Obscurus Gamer

2/20 c123 Fireguy189
Absolutely amazing story! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this.
2/16 c44 Guest
Fun story so far. Some interesting decision though. Wiping jeans memory of kidnapping and possible torture (imagination probably runs wild when strapped to a bed by people you don’t know) is considered a punishable offense but altering Scott’s memories is all fine and dandy.
2/17 c2 Silverdragonstar
Goose! Yes so good! This story is so much fun to read.
2/16 c2 yrlastin
How can the Notice-Me-Not be considered OP if there are so many ways restrictions?
2/15 c122 2varenyamishra2511
MCU Thanos justifies his killing by saying overpopulation is the problem. Ignoring the GLARING problem of all animals and plants ALSO dying, so no extra food, it also completely ignores the history of population, and how it almost always rebounds back after a disaster, many times larger than before. Baby boomers anyone?
2/15 c114 varenyamishra2511
So the evil eating jinn is basically a nuke. Good ol' MURICAN MAD
2/14 c79 varenyamishra2511
Wait. This chapter implies that Harry HIMSELF is ALSO aware about the 4th wall
2/13 c5 DarkBlue27
Harry looking at his list of missions was already worth mothers hahaha, paler than a ghost and Hermione, what's wrong are you turning into a ghost? And then Harry, well if I'm going to participate in this I'm going to take advantage, Hermione let's make a bet hehehe Goose being Goose I love it And the room of requirement, I want to see what Harry can come up with to use it knowing him something completely out of mind get ready wizarding world because you are not ready for Harry Potter
2/13 c4 DarkBlue27
I loved this chapter, Harry making it his extra mission to corrupt Hermione and it gave Neville confidence, plus I forgot that he had glamor in his hair that's why no one associated him with Potter, The Hatter You're very Sly but only a Griffindor would choose hell mode hahaha Poor Minne almost had a heart attack from fright and the rest of the teachers still feel that the students were more like there's a ghost happening and Harry thought yes I died but not anymore but obviously no one believes me play a prank on everyone magical check Hahaha Thanks for writing and sharing.
2/13 c3 DarkBlue27
I love Goose as a human being, like cats actually, but I love his wondering hell? What hell? hahahaha and the player mode is in hell mode okay. Thanks for writing and sharing.
2/13 c2 DarkBlue27
Hahahaha I didn't remember Goose, I love that cat
2/13 c1 DarkBlue27
Rereading for the third time.
I love this ending, thank you for writing it, for your time and for sharing with the world.
2/4 c1 pinks99
This looks really interesting!
1/31 c4 shizkane
Ooh this mishap of the first and fourth year together i didn't see it comeing...
1/30 c1 shizkane
What an amazing gift give the entities to harry at pausing and visiting and leraning from his parents! Btw i really like this all mighty entities taht needs to talk drunk to do catarsis
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