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for Harry Potter the Mutant Obscurus Gamer

6h c115 SuperReader3000
Sooooo looking forward to the next chapter!
5/28 c115 2JoeMcLuvin
I hope they spend a few chapters in star wars, really cool universe to play with
5/27 c115 ArachnidHiveMind
Still a chance of PJO? Maybe?
5/27 c115 ArachnidHiveMind
Ahhhhhh no DC then
5/24 c115 Notonebutfour
I love what you have written. You have one hell of a sense of humour. One comment for the last chapter... Harry and every one of his "girls" should have all a pokemon with them. Wanda as a Umbreon and Rogue a Ditto. But wath about the others ?...My suggestions... For Harry an noctowl (psi type, the evolution of Hoothoot, for MJ a Arconine (fire type could past for a St-Bernard) and for Jade an Arbok ( look like a giant cobra for wicth Harry can easely change the size tith Pym particules). These are my ideas and comments, enjoy !
5/26 c115 burakmazi.bm
First of this was a great chapter, I really enjoyed it. Second of regarding what to do in the Starwars universe, why not both. It really shouldn't be too difficult for Harry to find two different times in the same universe he can fuck with.
5/26 c115 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
it could have been hilarious If the replicator ships where identical to borg, from Star Trek, cubes and spheres, but black spiked ones sound pretty terrifying too. :D awesome.
I never thought about the plagues origin could be the ori, though it would make sense, but how would they get the plague to the milkyway with the ancients ever watching?
5/23 c115 Gnormann
This chapter seemed very brief with little dialogue or plot. I feel like this should have be twice as long and split between two chapters to be amazing.
Still very good thanks!
5/23 c115 Guest
I hate to say it but that chapter was not very entertaining for me. I'm sure you know who Noodlehammer is, Your Harry and his could be related in ideology but at least his Harry interacts with people even if its just to call them idiots. If this chapters id all the bare bones effort you're going to put out then just end the story.
5/23 c115 Toddy Hardy
In star wars i would like to see the idea of forcing the jedi council into therapy to realize that they were all kidnapped as children and indoctrinated into being high-functioning sociopaths.
5/23 c115 Guest
I've seen a harem going to Pokemon before. It was an R34 wank!fic where the MC was kryptonian. Only reason I remember it at all, despite not enjoying it very much, was the horrific way Poison Ivy's twin daughters murdered a couple of random guys in that world with tentacle plants. Stopped reading at that point, so I'm not sure if they did a Pokemon League, but it did seem to be leading towards that direction.
5/23 c115 Nitewolf423
You could do both invade the Republic and have your demand speed that Jenna council watch Star Wars 123456
5/23 c115 Lipro
Oh, I really wanted to see Harry trolling Sg-1 (or even a plurality of Sg-1 from the series about parallel universes), thanks for the chapter anyway!
5/25 c115 1goblin81
Here's to hopeing harry adds these worlds to his vr so the girls can keep their friends.
5/25 c115 jaclon
I'm still enjoying the story lines, but these later chapters are getting more of a feel of 'chapter outlines' rather than full chapters in comparison to the rest of the chapters written. Please don't stop the interest to see where this goes is there. But I can see a lack of story depth that was what made this story and awesome read as opposed to an normal read. Still thanking you for sharing your tale with us. Ciao till next time.
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