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22h c79 Home World Security
Ahhhh amazing! Can’t wait for more chapters! Outstanding work!
5/7 c79 Metal book of the Scotsbear
Ok, I found this recently and just finished catching up, it's easily one of my favorite stories I've yet found. It's hysterical and I love that it's not copy and paste from the movies so far. Thank you so much for this story and good luck on future chapters.
5/5 c79 Guest
Congratulations on the year anniversary! Harry had his magic detected by Shields test? I remeber it being undetectable. Not all politicians aren't actually afraid of not being re-elected. Many current politicians become so due to contacts for contacts and insider knowledge to leverage in the future in other employment oppertunities, given that sometimes one term is enough. Wonder if that goblin Natasha went to seduce got lucky.
5/7 c79 2Nerdy Geekdom
Fantastic story! I don't normally like massive crossover stories but you've done a great job with it making them a minor arc of the story. I love it.
I also love how you write Stark and their interaction. Hilarious!

Can't wait for you to continue this story. Really excited
5/3 c79 HeckNo
I enjoy it. Some is a bit silly; but, you make it work in most contexts and gave me a laugh, which I heartily admit that is hard to do.

The next time you use the chickens on a shield mission, have them with eyepatches and little black afros. I think that will be hilarious. Buh-cok! LOL

Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/3 c66 HeckNo
Ch.66 The easiest way to deux ex machina Galactus, is to cosmically power Magneto (could already be done) and have him tear the planet-ship apart, leaving Galactus without a means to travel or eat. After a short while, Galactus' stomach implodes and eats him. Magneto loses the powerup and is back to normal and Harry uses Phoenix fire to convert Galactus' remains into life force.
5/3 c79 Darquesse8512
Just had a thought about another person that might need his help, Ava Starr. Powers caused by quantum energy, and it's causing her pain and killing her.
5/1 c15 HeckNo
I thought the end of year fight was handled well. Good job. It's difficult to have a multi-opponent battle and not have several of them become lost in the shuffle.
No, I don't want power rangers. That's just a bit too silly. Considering how many chapters are already in existence, perhaps my naysaying is moot. Oh, well. Ill just skip that part.
I like what you're doing, so keep it up. It's entertaining and keeping my interest.
5/2 c79 The Other
I've reached the conclusion that this fic is not exactly funny. Instead, it's entertaining. I wouldn't even call it amusing, but it is humorous enough to be fun to read.
4/30 c1 Boomshanka
"My ability to post chapters is powered by favorites, follows and reviews..."

What a novel way to beg for undeserved stuff.
4/30 c79 GreenEyesAreAwesome
keep the pranks going!
4/30 c79 elixirmaster
That was the funniest chapter yet.. I really hope the pranks were especially hard on the Hydra double agents.
4/30 c16 Festus Krex
I don't really understand why you even made this a Harry Potter story if he was just gonna blitz through in a single year with no attachments
4/30 c58 elixirmaster
I love how this is working.
4/29 c1 Dragrace34752
Ok managed to find my old accounts comment and relike/refollow everything there.
Anyway great story have a good day
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