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8h c60 Shoveler
really good
1/16 c27 Quantum qwazi
this book has no comsiquenses and it’s boring because of it the charecter cant die which would be fine i suppose but you never use that to let him fail their are no stakes whatsoever and time travel becoming a bigger plot point is just adding pure idocy into the story then you mental gymnastics not use and charecter has a tendancy to just know stuff before he had time to learn about so we get info dumps for no reason and honestly add nothing
1/15 c1 1MayaviPanchi
The story has gone from an excellent read to a Dustbin where you throw every idea you have in your mind and try to incorporate them in your story.
For those of us Potterheads that only know of some major Universes like HP and marvel, this story makes less and less sense as it progresses further.
Sorry But I am abandoning this story.
1/15 c60 vickyhhrlvr
You went from updating once or twice a day to not updating in 6 days... I hope you update soon.
1/14 c60 Darkdragoon666
Isn’t there the hunter dimension energy he can get too I thought that was level 250 as well?
1/12 c60 Guest
I know it's juvenile but if it's possible Harry should just hard light some whoopie cushions onto everyone's seat. If not possible he should hide them using the hard light system and put real ones down.
1/12 c57 Guest
Shrek is love Shrek is life.
1/14 c60 6Creature of Grimm
1/14 c55 Mark855
Now hold on, is that fudging kid, Jade, the little girl from jackie-chan?!
1/14 c21 TigerJacob
I think the only relatively dissapointing thing is that Hermione isn't apart of his as of yet unforseen harem.
1/13 c60 4Allan Von'Skoon
Excellent story thus far. An enjoyable read to say the least. As to the naming of the girls I like the whole red theme you are considering.
1/11 c60 Silent Lurker
Rouge Nexus, Conflux, Archive
Jade Jewel Heart, Noble/Virtue Dragon
1/13 c1 TigerJacob
Well idk about reviewing every chapter, but I show my enthusiasm through binging...and this looks like a very tempting binge. Really enjoyed the well written intro, it gives me hope for all to come.
1/12 c60 13Anhkmorpork
Why is Jade Dragon obvious? She's Chinese, Jade is important in Chinese culture. If Artemis Crock (DC comics) can use Artemis as a codename because Female Archer Archery Goddess codename, Jade can be Jade Dragon. Who the hell guesses a woman in her mid 20's is actually 16? Give them voice changers, and send them out seperately between big bads.
Alternatively, name them all after gemstones. Ruby Witch, Emerald Dragon, Carnelian(Red Orange) Phoenix, Citrine(Yellow) Something (Rogue wears yellow or green in most depictions) and Opal(Multicoloured) Something (Harry)
1/12 c55 frostynips
Oh wow, a sixteen year old girl showed up on the mc’s doorstep. I wonder what will happen.
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