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5/27 c26 fanficnewbee
He's an idiot, he got complacent and sloppy, and now not only will he have to pay for it but others will be forced to, too! I'm seriously pissed at his stupidity, yeah he's like 15 yrs. old but at the same time no he's not he's lived just as long as a life as the Ancient One he should know better. Don't even get me started on the three most powerful magic user in the past to be so stupid as to forget to scrub all magic and basic privacy charms, please all stupid men what else could you expect of them!
5/25 c80 Bergerac
Harry should meet the Elders : Collector, Gamemaster etc. He should also meet the "One-Above-All" that being should give Harry some much needed answers to questions that he has. Also the idea of freeing the astronaut dog and Howard the Duck from the Collector appel to me. Food for thought ! Nuff said !
5/26 c80 jonbomb007
I'm not entirely sure how the Marvel timeline works, but if the part of Guardians of the Galaxy when the group get put in prison, you could have Harry join them and then do a chapter of their day to day in prison and when they leave/escape?
5/24 c80 Guest
He should form the Green Lantern Corps and start policing the universe for shits and giggles. Insert various policing shenanigans here.
5/26 c80 1Faranon423
Uh... he could team up with Rocket and Groot, I guess? You're right that this really shouldn't be that big of a problem, but I can't think of a way to insert him into the war without ending it. Maybe make him a wartime journalist?
5/26 c80 harrysowl
hmm Filler
check in on Doom
time skip so you can give yourself some blank space for flashbacks
time travel to Steve Roger's and WWII
Bruce Banner
Jade's family
5/24 c80 IFC
Love this story, please keep it up!

Random ideas:
Harry gets in some kind of mess on Xandar and needs to collect an item from the kree as punshment.
Harry is hired by the collector to do a job that crosses paths with the kree.
Harry just comes into contact with the wreckage of a battle.
Harry picks up bounties and one is for a skrull which triggers a quest.

Hope anything here helps.
5/26 c15 fanficnewbee
Now punking Bones is a very ballsy move, Sirius your not getting any in the forcible future if you don't stop laughing idiot (a loveable idiot but still an idiot) and Harry after explaining run for your life! Loved the fight scene enough description to entertain and to give you enough info to clearly imagine it, without it getting tedious.
5/24 c80 Guest
I greatly enjoy this fic.

As far as story ideas go:
have Harry become a saboteur/prankster for hire, it would be a good way for him to make connections(both good and bad) while still causing chaos and getting into trouble
5/26 c80 PappyOldGuy
Again, just well written story telling! I am continually amazed at your proficiency and talented ability to just capture my attention and hold it captive for the duration of your latest chapter. As always, I find myself eagerly awaiting your next chapter, and I truly appreciate you sharing your vision.

Thank You!
5/24 c80 Acountlessreader
Thanks for another great chapter.
For some Ideas of Space Wizard you have: Shi'ar adn the space jammers With Corsair (Scott summers human/Shi'ar father), you have Knowhere the head of a Celestial, and who knows what energy is still lingering around there. You have the Dire Wraiths who are an off shot of the skulls that can shape shift and take the powers of the people they change into. The collector and Grandmaster, comic book version not Thor Ragnarok version and Knowhere version. Badoon and Brood could also be found out there, though the brood show up on earth every once in a while.
5/26 c80 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
5/24 c80 Lucifer Morningstar
You can work in the Star Wars universe for a couple of chapters. Something simple like Harry’s teleportation junk ship jumping sends him extremely far. Have him prank Sheev Palpatine.
5/23 c80 Guest
Thank you for updating!
5/23 c80 guest
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