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6/19 c41 AnthonyR89
also, a platoon is nearly a hundred men strong. six men is two fire teams or al under strength squad.

the only minion o recognized was vanisher and he isn't generally affiliated with Sinister. what, no Marauders or Nasty Boys?
6/18 c40 AnthonyR89
dude dinosaurs exist in modern times in Marvel. in the savage lands.

I'm also assuming Sinister was behind this. hellfire is possible, but I think Essex is more likely
6/18 c36 AnthonyR89
Forge the top inventor? maybe he's in the top 5, but he's not number one. or two, for that matter. Doom and Richards take up those spots. Stark and Pym probably round out the five. much as I hate giving any credit to Pym. though I don't mind with Stark as much since this is clearly not 616.
6/18 c33 AnthonyR89
I'm not 100% sure, but I feel like Godric's Hollow is in Wales.

also, ugh. why did you include Bishop? hate that dude, especially after the Mutant Messiah Complex arc.
6/18 c24 AnthonyR89
Jackie Chan adventures reference?
6/18 c22 AnthonyR89
I'd probably be upset about the doctor being useless if i was a fan of the show.
6/16 c82 Gerrycanada
Oups ! Harry did meet Peter Quill and Zondu in a previous chapter that I've jump (not read). Sorry ! Maybe you could have Harry meet "The Gardener, Elder of the Universe" ? After all, Harry could need a few pointers on how to harvest Nova Crystal. As a plus, I've read a lot of fanfic and I've never seen anyone write about him (and others Elders) except in comics. Excelsior !
6/18 c19 AnthonyR89
offhand, the only dragons I can think of in Marvel are Fin Fang Foom and Lockheed.
6/17 c6 AnthonyR89
posted that review before I meant to. you also had Mclaggen not being an asshole. and also older.
6/17 c6 AnthonyR89
you seem to have changed the ages of the twins and percy. the twins should be third years at best, not 6th years. and I want to say percy would be a 5th year.
6/17 c4 AnthonyR89
four? Quirrel, Voldemort, the troll guarding the stone, and maybe fluffy? unless you're counting Malfoy or something.

ah. crouch jr, possibly karksroff.

I write reviews as I read.
6/17 c2 AnthonyR89
only beat a game so many times before it gets boring? clearly someone has never heard of Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and mods.

also, you have Dumbledore still being headmaster. I can buy his influence, and power, being enough to keep him from being lynched in the streets, but allowing him to stay in a position of power over children? no chance in hell.
6/17 c1 AnthonyR89
not a bad start, though I kind of question why it's only James and Lily with him, and not other relatives, like the superior version of James's parents, Charlus and Dorea Potter, nee black, to maybe help round out Harry's view of the world.
6/15 c82 Gerrycanada
Adventures in the Negative Zone , really ? Looking forward to it. This friendship with Rocket Racoon is very unique, will he encounter Peter Quill and the Guardians in the future ? Let not forget the Brooker, the Ravagers and Nova Prime ! Excelsior !
6/16 c82 JadeTalisman
The fact that you trademarked the name and gave him the royalties honestly warmed my heart
one of the things that always got to people was that Spiderman did everything he did whilst being almost homeless levels of broke. you've pretty much saved him from a life of almost sort of poverty. Not that Harry would let it happen but y'know.
twas nice
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