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for Harry Potter the Mutant Obscurus Gamer

6/15 c82 Gerrycanada
Adventures in the Negative Zone , really ? Looking forward to it. This friendship with Rocket Racoon is very unique, will he encounter Peter Quill and the Guardians in the future ? Let not forget the Brooker, the Ravagers and Nova Prime ! Excelsior !
6/16 c82 JadeTalisman
The fact that you trademarked the name and gave him the royalties honestly warmed my heart
one of the things that always got to people was that Spiderman did everything he did whilst being almost homeless levels of broke. you've pretty much saved him from a life of almost sort of poverty. Not that Harry would let it happen but y'know.
twas nice
6/14 c82 J.D
Great chapter. thanks for writing
6/14 c82 Guest
6/15 c82 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
Nice prank with a giant Flerken.
6/15 c82 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
6/15 c82 Edocsiru
can you please upload the story to ao3 or another more user-friendly site? FFnet keeps asking for captcha on every chapter...
6/15 c29 1Pont1ac-Band1t
His chosen mutant power disguise is a bit boring to him. I didn’t want him totally op but would have been nice to see him able to fight magneto on an even footing
6/14 c82 TigerJacob
Neat. I don't know whether your going to go canon with the skrull or what weve currently seen from the MCU but the Nova corps was always something I was disappointed with.

Thanks for the read.
6/14 c82 South Monk
Should prank some of them, the longer and more chuniibyo the chant to activate the nova crystal... the more powerful it is. Heck make it a prank but true at the same time lol
6/14 c47 DeadAccount1113
I hate the oh I could go all out but no I'm going to put my life and my friends life on the line.
6/14 c82 2FinalKingdomHearts
I expect Harry to make a Power Cosmic Infinity Stone.
6/14 c82 Metal book of the Scotsbear
AWESOME. Most hilarious prank yet. Another great chapter. Thanks and good luck on more
6/14 c82 1cunningSalazar
How many more chapters until avengers?
6/14 c82 Silber D. Wolf
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