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for Beneath the Scars

6/15 c49 Ladybug 95
Really, good. Thanks for the warning.
5/31 c49 Indie's kitty
5/31 c34 Guest
I know it’s to late to participate in the poll, but I would love to see Sally Sweet.
5/31 c23 Guest
Super brave choice in villains. I love your story.
5/30 c49 daydreamer987
Sending good vibes to you. I’ve been enjoying your story since the beginning.
5/27 c49 dizzlydee
this is going to be good.
5/25 c49 Fiarillo
Yay! An up date. Love Lucille's idea. Lol
5/22 c49 1jules3677
Love it! Lucille setting up Valerie in front of the whole congregation. Still smiling. Thank you.
5/22 c49 cgrama625
Many blessings for your future! You have a wonderful imagination to come so far with this story. I’m truly looking forward to reading the rest. Thank you so much!
5/22 c49 ChristinaS
Many warm & uplifting vibes sent your way!

Excellent chapter! I'm always thrilled to see an update from you. Take care.
5/22 c49 Guest
Thanks for updating. Can't wait to see how the threads of this story come together.
5/22 c49 JIKjih
Thank you so much for the latest Chapter. This is a great story. Very captivating and it is different enough from the actual Universe, that one can't wait to read on.

More soon please.
5/22 c49 GarbanzoBeans
Wow a sermon directed at you and your family would be kind of like a final blow. Stephanie's house is a sad situation, it will no longer feel like a safe haven.
5/22 c49 23Elenimou
Glad to see another chapter. Do the Plums…Frank’s relatives…have the power to end the Morelli family?
5/22 c49 daxandpat
That should put the gossip to the very edges of town since they are such good christian people that go to church every week. (was my sarcasm loud enough?)
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