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7/28 c7 Guest
Such a good read, really love a well-written fanfic that has Tyki so in-character! You deserve so much more reviews, please don’t stop writing!
6/11 c5 18SheikahLover
OMG! WTF?! I seriously wasn't expecting that, even after the first time I read the chapter. I seriously, seriously, seriously didn't think that Lucille would kill herself! I wonder though. Was she that enamored with Tyki or was she too embarrassed to face the public after learning about what transpired between Eva and Tyki? I guess I'll never know for sure, but I honestly think it's more of the latter choice, tbh.

Her mother's reaction is also a bit sad. :/ Maybe I'm perceiving this too much from a 21st century perspective, but I couldn't imagine not putting a name on my child's tombstone or anything of the sort. It all seems far too... unbearable for my liking... I wonder if her mother might call her back as an Akuma... There's a lot of ideas that you can work with from here.

I honestly don't think that all of this was Eva's fault. Her family was pushing her to get along with Tyki better. Lucille always seemed to enjoy flaunting him around too. I wonder how much of Tyki she actually loved or if it was more his physical appearance and wealth that she liked.

In any event, minus my ramblings, this was another great chapter! Eva now has her freedom (sadly), but there's no longer a marriage or anything holding her back. She's got a lot more opportunities now. I'm eager to see what you've got in store for her. :) I hope she'll eventually meet more of the Noah family. I think Road would find her especially amusing.

Keep up the great work! Can't wait for the next installment.
6/11 c4 SheikahLover
I'm getting really slow at reviewing here! I honestly read the chapter when BOTH of them first came out and I loved them. I might be slow at reviewing, but I still intend to review each and every chapter. :D

I'm so happy that Eva ended her marriage. Even before Tyki, she didn't seem too happy in her current situation. She wants more to life than simply marriage, kids and running a household. I don't blame her. It doesn't sound like a fun life to me. It's literally a glorified cage.

Ohh! I just love how you portray Tyki. You're making me fall in love with him again. He's always been one of my favourite characters in the series. You've really written him so well. Nice job!

I can't wait to see what happens next. Eva's life will change dramatically from here. I wonder what else you have in store for her.
6/8 c5 Pasaka be galo
Late, but thank you for an update! Your work so far is beautiful. Now things are getting very intriguing and I'm very very curiuos for that happens next. I guess that Eva is becoming exorcist, if so, I sense a looot of upcoming drama.
5/23 c3 SheikahLover
Hello there. Sorry for the delayed review. I read the newest chapter when it was first published, but I forgot to review until now. *laughs to myself*

First off, this is the best chapter you've written so far! I love Eva's interactions with Tyki. They're so much fun to read. You've certainly captured Tyki's character. Your words make him come alive when I read the story. I can easily envision Tyki taking a scared yet excited Eva to a poker match. And I love how you incorporated that bit of the pastor playing the game too. It's the little details like that which help bring the story to life even more. :)

I'm still intrigued by Tyki's fiance Lucille. How did the two of them meet? Did the Earl arrange it? Did Sheril somehow get involved? Side question, will Eva ever meet Sheril? As crazy as that man is, I find him hysterical. It would be lovely if you could find some other ways to include other members of the Noah family into the story. I'm sure they'll be mentioned sometime and from what I've seen of your work so far, I know I won't be disappointed.

Even the ending of the chapter was lovely! I felt so bad for Eva though. She clearly doesn't want to head to Paris, but her fiance hasn't even bothered to consult with her on the matter. I suppose that's natural given the time period, but it's still very sad. :/ No one seems to understand Eva except for Tyki, which is both delightful (for us readers) and terrifying. Tyki seems to notice this too which can only mean there will be more trouble and fun for Eva later-on. I wonder what other plans Tyki has in store for her. And knowing her family, no one will object to Eva spending time with Tyki. Her mother would love that she's finally getting along with him, and her fiance probably won't be too mad either. In any event, I can't wait to read those future interactions. :D

Keep up the great work. This has seriously been my favourite chapter to date. I also see that your story is slowly getting some more recognition, in both follow, favourites and reviews. I'm really excited for that. Your story is really good and deserves a lot more recognition.

Take care.
5/23 c3 Bumbumblee
You’re story has been amazing so far! I don’t usually comment, but I wanted to for encouragement for you to continue!<3 It’s a much different take compared to other Tyki stories and I absolutely love how detailed it is, not only with perspectives but the environment as well. Gonna be following this-great job!
5/8 c2 SheikahLover
Now this intrigues me. I wonder why Lucille is so infatuated with Tyki. I can understand some reasons - who wouldn't? He's so handsome! - but there's something off about him that I think a lot of people would be able to sense about the Noah clan. They give off this impression of being different from others... it might be how they act or how they look. I think Eva is smart enough to realize that and it could easily be part of the reason she's not the biggest fan of Tyki.

I also feel bad for Eva. She clearly doesn't want to get married and is questioning her current place in life. It must've been hard for women in the Victorian era. I imagine there would've been some women like Eva, who really didn't want to get married and/or have kids. It's a difficult situation to handle. :/ Makes me appreciate being born in this era more where women have a lot more freedom and independence.

Anyhow, besides my rambles, I'm still really enjoying the story. I'm really enjoying Eva as a character. I feel like she's a breath of fresh air compared to all the other DGM OC stories I find in this section. As always, I'm still eager to see more of her encounters with Tyki. It seems like Tyki know she dislikes him and takes great pleasure in subtly mocking and teasing her. Their interactions always make for a fun read. It's also interesting to see that Eva's fiance is picking up on some of the subtle hints too - he doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of Tyki either.

I hope Lucille will be alright getting married to Tyki. I wonder if the Earl and/or Sheryl has an ulterior motive for having them getting married. I still can't see Tyki willingly getting married. He strikes me as the type of character that would be trying his hardest to avoid holy matrimony.

All in all, I really liked this chapter. It was even better than chapter 1.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next update! :D
4/28 c1 SheikahLover
I'm astounded that this story doesn't have any reviews! Your writing is lovely. You had me hooked from the first sentence. I'm so eager to read more! This story is unlike a lot of other DGM stories I've read in this fandom. I want to learn more about how Tyki wooed Lucille. I also adore the portrayal of your main character Eva. She seems to be the only smart person to realize there's something... off about Tyki. All the Noah if you want to be specific. Tyki is too good looking, too charming, too suave. Too perfect. It's unnerving. Eva seems to be the only one to realize this!

I want to know why she feels this way. I want to see more of her interactions with Tyki and possibly the rest of the Noah clan. You got Tyki's character down perfectly, by the way. I could easily envision him speaking this way.

Please keep updating and writing. I really want to see more! You've earned yourself a new follower, reader and reviewer. ;)

Until the next chapter,

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