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for Ghost in the night

6/13 c1 1XimenaAFlandes
“In that second Hen, Chimney and Eddie shared a single brain cell which possessed only one thought.”

Almost died when I read this. Honestly if this isn’t the description of the show lol - the 118 shares on brain cell and Athena is the one with the custody. Great story.
4/7 c5 Lindariddle
Great story
2/28 c5 20Louisaxo
This is just *chefs kiss*

I’ve read thousands of different fanfictions from various topics and categories, but this is one of my favourites. For sure close to the top of my favourites list!
10/13/2020 c2 30RightPerspectiveofwhump
this is soooooooo amazing! you ROCK!
10/13/2020 c1 RightPerspectiveofwhump
beautiful Job so far! i could actually picture them while i read it. THANK YOU!::):):):):):):):):)
6/12/2020 c5 Guest
This was great! You actually gave me an idea, though the phone calls. I'd love to see a story where Buck is being stalked by an obsessed crazy woman he rescued who gets the idea in her crazy head that she and Buck are in love and belong together.
5/30/2020 c5 Bohogal1998
Great story!
5/14/2020 c5 Whitelion69
This was a very good story. I loved the part when Buck told his dad off.
5/11/2020 c5 1Sarai
5/11/2020 c5 357BobWhite
Good chapter.
I almost thought that his father was going to stab him or beat him for a moment.

Maybe try an alternate version of the end chapter, with Buck being hurt after his father broke into his apartment and Athena getting pissed off and finally arresting the bastard
5/11/2020 c5 4Victoria.Annxx
Wow, Buck and Maddie’s father is such a piece of work. He does not have the right to come to the firehouse and demand to see his children and demand to be in their lives and that they forgive him. He doesn’t get to do that at all. He hasn’t changed one bit, he’s still the same bully he was back then. If he had changed he would never have come here and demanded what he did.
It was amazing seeing Buck stand up to his father like that, he showed his father just who he has become and you could tell Buck’s father knew he couldn’t do anything. He may have threatened to punish Buck again and show him who’s boss, but the fact that he didn’t do anything and just left shows that secretly he was probably scared of Buck. Oh how the tables have changed now.
I’m so glad that it’s over, for Buck and Maddie’s sake. Now they can move on with their lives again and never have to think about their father again. Their father better never come back this time, although after his confrontation with Buck I don’t think he’ll dare.
Great story, I really enjoyed it.
5/4/2020 c4 Victoria.Annxx
I don’t like Buck and Maddie’s father already, whatever he put them through to cause Buck this much pain can’t be good and I wish he’d stayed away from them and never contacted Buck. He’s got some nerve though, contacting Buck to say he wants to visit and reconnect after what he did to them. It’s not his decision whether to reconnect or not, it’s Buck and Maddie’s decision. He should have said he’d like to see them but it’s their choice and he’ll respect whatever they say. By saying he’s coming and they don’t have a say is not right, he doesn’t have that right. And to me that doesn’t show that he’s changed very much.
I hope Eddie and the others can protect Buck and Maddie and help them through this, and hopefully send their father away for good.
Buck and Christopher scenes are always so cute, having those scenes is great to break up the turmoil Buck is going through.
Great chapter, can’t wait for the next one.
5/3/2020 c3 Victoria.Annxx
I’m really enjoying this story. Poor Buck, whatever is hurting him so much is obviously a major event in his life, I hope he talks to everyone soon so they can help him deal with it and finally lay it to rest for good. I’m really curious to see what happened to him and who this person is who has constantly been calling and texting him, whoever it is seems to be someone Buck would rather forget about.
Great chapter, can’t wait for the next one.
4/28/2020 c1 Shelbysamgirl1
Oh! I love this concept I cant wait to read more. You can take the cause of the sleep walking in any direction!
4/27/2020 c1 357BobWhite
i can almost see Buck flipping over one of the baby gates
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