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for A Collection of Shipping One-Shots Regarding Evangelion

8/3 c7 1calborghete
Very good chapter, I look forward to the next one.
The personality of the characters is fine for me, Asuka has to be a little more boring but otherwise everything is fine.
8/3 c7 tomdj1701
Another good chapter/one shot, Asuka might be a bit more forward with her feels than in the series, but not too much. Made it enjoyable and provided enough of a nudge for Shinji to be open.
7/9 c6 calborghete
Olá amigo, mas um belo capítulo, no aguardo do próximo :)
5/17 c5 calborghete
Hello budy, how are you? I liked the shots, even though they are simple they can brighten up the days, even the next ones :-)
5/17 c5 tomdj1701
Nice update
4/30 c3 calborghete
Hello budy, how are you?
Finally we have our favorite redhead, I liked the chapter and you have a talent for writing, I wanted to have your creativity :-)

Well, until the next chapter
4/27 c2 James Birdsong
Nice two stories
4/29 c1 TheINFERNO95
So all you doing is writing story where shinji is a fuck boy to the female of Eva. Sorry but that lazy writing had been done over and over again. You can write as many of these stories you want it won't change the fact that shinji is a piece of shit who treat the female cast like crap...and he gay too.
4/27 c2 calborghete
Hello friend, I liked this chapter, it was smooth and pleasant to read, I'm waiting for the next one :-)
4/25 c1 calborghete
Hello friend, how are you? I liked Fanfics and I will be waiting for the next chapters, do you want some advice? Change to "M" classification, but you don't need lemons, this will give you more freedom with the dialogues and be able to show emotions more easily, but it's just an idea, until next time :-)

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