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for The love story of a cheerleader and Teen Jesus

6/4/2020 c15 6ohnanagleek
This really was good
6/3/2020 c15 3chloe2007
Wow...wowww very sad ending but loved it all the same. Thank you for writing this story it was very well received,
5/21/2020 c14 chloe2007
Oooh I love this chapter...I think Quinn needs a good best friend to spend time with...who would you choose for her...(Hint...I do love Faberry) Rachel or Marley since Joe has Sam I think Quinn needs one to.

Any Quinn/Will bonding in future chapters is always welcome for me...can’t wait til Quinn decides to approach the subject to Mr. Schue if it would be okay for her to call him DAD...update soon
5/15/2020 c13 chloe2007
Yes yes I love the update..very glad Mr. Schue was there to tell Quinn’s absentee sperm donor to take a hike...I can see very soon Quinn will be calling Mr. Schuester (Dad)...make me happy and add that in an upcoming chapter.

I think it’s time for Joe/Quinn to go on a small getaway... maybe to Joe’s parents cabin in the woods, also a baby shower chapter would be nice to...update soon
5/11/2020 c12 chloe2007
Yayy another update...I love that Quinn has an entire support system to lean on so her and the baby’s can stay safe...I love how Mr Schue said “Quinn is like a daughter to me”...maybe you can make my heart swoon and she will call him “Dad soon...in a way she gets into a terrifying situation and he’s the first one she calls on...just maybe and unwelcoming appearance by Russell Fabray alets Quinn to call Mr. Shue because Joe is out for the day,

A Quinn/Joe moment you can add they go on a Babymoon before the twins arrive, update soon
5/10/2020 c11 chloe2007
Yes yess I loved this chapter...I love how Will/Emma are stepping in as Quinn’s surrogate family...I hope Will tells Puck to stay away from Quinn/Joe..I want to see Joe serenade Quinn in an upcoming chapter, update soon
5/10/2020 c10 chloe2007
OMG OMG...please please don’t let Quinn/Joe lose their baby...I love love how you added Will/Emma into the fic...I think they would be great support to Quinn, since I know Quinn will need stable like surrogate parents to look up to...Maybe soon you can add a Quinn/Will scene for me where Quinn wants to start calling Will, Dad..since her own father is never around. Update soon
5/8/2020 c9 chloe2007
Yesss yessss I love that Joe/Quinn are having twins...
hopefully one of each a boy and a girl...I think Quinn needs a good father figure in your story...can you have Will Schuester step up to the plate to be Quinn’s pillar of strength, update soon
5/7/2020 c8 chloe2007
I love love the update...Quinn and Joe are sooo good together...please please consider Joe/Quinn having twins, and more drama with Puck would be good, update soon
5/6/2020 c7 chloe2007
Oooh ooh I love it I love it...Joe is already thinking marriage with Quinn...is so adorable...I hate that I’m the only one reviewing this fabulous story...but it keeps you writing and believing in this couple...I’m game, update soon
5/5/2020 c6 chloe2007
I love love this update...I’m sure Puck is going to be a big problem for Quinn/Joe in future chapters...maybe Quinn and Joe can have twins...boy and a girl, update soon
5/4/2020 c5 chloe2007
Yay yay you updated...I love love how you wrote Quinn/Joe’s first time...very gentle and sweet, update soon
4/30/2020 c4 chloe2007
Oooh is PUCK going to be a problem...for Quinn and Joe, update soon
4/28/2020 c3 chloe2007
Yesss yesss I love how you write Quinn and Joe...please update soon
4/25/2020 c1 chloe2007
Yesss I love Quinn and Joe please continue, update soon

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