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for Kurama Sensei

11/9 c27 4EricFreak
This is a really cool story, it saddens me I've gotten to the last, so far written, chapter. Well I hope there will be more! Great story!
8/11 c27 Foxxe this be continued?
8/8 c26 1Jpx0999
I LOVE THE NARUTO IS HALF FOX stories,and some of them actually make a LOT of sense
8/5 c27 Guest
Oh God this was sooo good! It was such a wonderful read, please come back to finish it.
3/6 c27 1Bear0927
This is so amazing!
1/31 c27 Hendra4
If possible, please continue this!
1/7 c27 7Wally991
loved your story man, hope you get better
12/9/2021 c27 Visionless1
Well, this story is certainly interesting and definitely has a lot more character development going on. Also noted the "butterfly effect" of Kurama's inadvertent time travel. I am hoping to catch more of your story as it comes out. Keep up the good story telling. btw, you have given me a few ideas for my FF project as well. I just hope you don't mind if I appropriate a few of the "features" you have with this Naruto character.
6/26/2021 c27 realfan16
Dang this was good TT_TT it just had to have no chapters coincidentally when we got to the more interesting parts TT_TT
5/26/2021 c26 Roberto9090
stop making things aleatory, vou didnt specific this on the summary
4/19/2021 c27 anom
thanks for the wonderful story, also fyi, downloading fanfics works again (using calibire to update stories), i think cloudflare was used due to server migration from what ive heard.
4/19/2021 c26 anom
this is great stuff, amazing chapters so far.
3/20/2021 c16 ThatOneCatl0l
The puddle guys were probably like "hehE we can take these genin even if they know we here :]" -SUDDEN DEATH- "AAA- "

also does naruto still eat his food raw? I totally thought by "finished it off" he was eating it.. there should totally be a scene where they see him eating his raw rabbits
3/19/2021 c6 ThatOneCatl0l
* child casually pulls bombs out of pocket *
2/24/2021 c1 3zekses
I tried to give this fic a chance, but it's really unbearable how nothing Naruto does arises justified suspicion from his intructors, anbu and hokage. It's as if the village decides to completely ignore anything unusual happening with him. The culmination is him somehow being able to create explosive tags which only makes them take a safety handling test without any pointed questions about where the hell did he learn to make those. (not to mention it should have been noticed by anbu a hundred times over before that even came to this)
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