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3/16/2022 c2 Pims10
I loved this fiction! Very well written.
Especially the part where Lucy ends up drunk and her confidences
5/17/2020 c2 3CptBauman
I love this fic so much, you’ve no idea. Thank you so much for this!
5/3/2020 c2 57Once Upon a Whim
I want to be mad at Wyatt for what he put Lucy through, but he really was in a no-win place and just had no idea what to do. Poor Wyatt. Poor Lucy.

And messy as that yelling fight was, I kinda wish we'd had something like that on the show. I know it all worked out and they got their happily ever after together, but it would have been nice for Wyatt to choose, or at least admit he wants to choose, Lucy when Jessica was still around as an option. I didn't love that show!Wyatt didn't admit things until after Jessica was evil and out of the picture. :(

Sorry about the writing that went missing. Been there. It sucks :( But you fixed this up, and it's still good. Well, good in the hurts-so-good way :)
5/3/2020 c1 Once Upon a Whim
Aw, no touching :( And there weren't any "ma'ams" in S2 either, I'm pretty sure :(

Carol, you psycho. Jeez. Poor Lucy.

Also, drunk Lucy? Yikes. Bendy? Can't sleep anymore? Wyatt, you sure as hell screwed up...
5/2/2020 c2 Jbiemann
Loved it!
5/1/2020 c2 61Gracielinn
Raising my hand timidly...uh, yeah, I read your can I have my extra cookies? :p No? Okay...

Whatever parts of this story you lost earlier (my deepest, most sincere sympathy to you here because it's every fanfic writer's worst nightmare) must have been a freakin' MASTERPIECE because the story I just read (TWICE in a row) is, honest to God, the BEST story of yours I've ever read :))

I'm so riled up, I don't even know where to start with this review...

Love, love, LOVE that your Wyatt notices all these little differences between RH Barbie and original recipe Jessica Logan. Because, hello? they are TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN...God, why couldn't we have seen even a tiny scrap of that ONSCREEN?

Your Flynn is just a king among men here. A good, kind friend to poor Lucy, even if it means pushing her and Wyatt together :/ The Flynn/Wyatt scene was amazing :)

Your Lucy/Wyatt scene was damn near perfect-just a big ole ball of delicious angst...again, why couldn't we have seen something like this ONSCREEN? Shippers ended up with "I have no regrets, Babydoll" and "Me, either, Sweetheart" (UGH, just no, 'cause I HATED that encounter at the end of E5) and finally, finally, "I love you, Lucy" like 3 seconds before the Futures showed up in the S2 finale. Yours was a zillion times better!

Okay, I'm done gushing...just so proud to call you my Timeless friend. Thank you for all you do for our fandom, here and on Twitter. You're the best, Sam :))
4/26/2020 c1 frtaylor771
You did a fantastic job.
4/25/2020 c1 Gracielinn
I should be writing right now, but when I saw on Twitter you posted ANOTHER new story (woohoo), I had to take a break from updating "First Steps" and check this out ;) So glad I did!

This is a great story, Sam (with a nice assist from Peach). Love how you wrote (what I usually call) the "text from Hell" as "The Text." I think your CP characterization was on point, and Lucy's verbal smack down of her at the fancy event was every bit the one viewers were denied since there was no interaction between RH mommy dearest and poor Lucy onscreen between the S2 premiere until CP was dying from being shot by power-hungry Emma in the S2 finale. So, THANK YOU for that!

Wyatt yearning for Lucy is always a good thing...'cause I'm a sadist...just sayin' :p

You did so well with CP, I think you oughta give writing Jessica a go in the next chapter-which I'm really looking forward to :))
4/25/2020 c1 21Deelightful76
Where to start, where to start!? My heart feels squeezed like a wrung sponge from all the feels. Stone cold Carol making Lucy go from feeling giddy to shitty in moments. The guilt and heartache Wyatt’s carrying. And just love drunk Lucy wittering on, giggling away and letting a few things schlip! Bendy? Ask Wyatt - I’m dying! So so glad you didn’t give up on this gem; I’m so excited for the next part
(still maintain this means excited not face)

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