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for Don't Break into Kame House

8/6 c1 derekctomlinson
shaking his head vegeta smirking at his wife bulma eighteen and chichi had the right idea you carry trunks out dress shopping later while goku gohan and videl are holding their sides from laughing so hard
5/24 c1 3reddevil47
Welp lesson one: Don't break into Kame house lesson two: Don't break into Kame house Lesson3: Don't make 18 angry and break into Kame house
5/11 c1 17King Bowser7
Trunks better look out if he doesn't want to get punished too! I wonder what his father would think...
4/25 c1 derekctomlinson
lol gohan and videl on the ground laughing till their sides hurt and tears coming out of their eyes
4/25 c1 Benjutsu
A lot of your stories are like this. Do you have some kind of fetish for males in female clothing?

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