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5/31/2020 c3 DaHeck R U
This is going to be a musical now, cool. I liked the fight between Jeremy and the robber. I can't wait to see what happens next. Also all the scenes I gave you for my fic request on your next author's notes can we see what."Michael"and the "Squip" think about them. Anyway I like this chapter I can't wait for the musical part and all the bad guys Jeremy whip fight.
Bye, I will see you in two weeks.
5/31/2020 c3 Freezeyourbrain
I like it, Jeremy being a little shaky while trying to stop the robber was totally on character, and I love that, and I the ending of the chapter, I like the fact this is going to be a musical now, I can't wait. And can you make the next chapters of your BMC fics a bit more longer next time.
So get lots of rest and I will see you in two weeks.
5/31/2020 c3 HeatherChanler89
This is good. And I love this chapter, Jeremy is going to be an amazing superhero. I can't wait for the Musical part of this story. Also there was a little mistake where you called Jeremy Jason, but that's okay you can fix AFTER you get some rest. And FYI I relate with the dog thing I have a dog and he will bark in the middle of the night, and also I woke up this morning and my dog's tail was on my face. And I was like dog get your tail out of my face. Oh, I forgotten to ask if in the next chapter of Did You Think You Could Get Rid Of Me can we have more Michael and can he be part of the plan. I'll see you in two weeks.
5/30/2020 c2 DaHeck R U
I would like to give you another scene for my fic request. So last time I told you about the bully Dustin Cropp, well this is a scene with this bully...
Michael was walking down the school's hallway, his hoodie on his head, he was trying not to be seen, he didn't want anyone to look at him, he hated the pitiful looks and the whispers, the worst part is that his friends aren't with him to comfort him if he has a flashback or panic attack (they have been getting worse these past few days), His friends are at play rehursal right now because this semester's play was this Friday night, which means that after lunch they get their costumes fitted and practice there lines, leaving Michael alone to navigate the halls. He just hopes nothing bad happens when he is all alone unfortunately fate had other plans...
(Dustin Cropp): Hey, you! Hoodie boy! Turn around. Michael started to shake, it's Dustin Cropp the meanist bully of Middleborough High, Michael turned around, maybe if he did what Dustin said he wouldn't get beat up, he looked at Dustin still shaking, Dustin went closer to Michael, causing Michael to back up until he hit the wall. (Dustin Cropp): I heard you can no longer speak, is that true? Michael whimpered, but shook his head yes. Dustin smiled, then snapped his fingers, all of the sudden Michael was grabbed by two other students, the next thing he knew Dustin and his goons threw Michael on the floor, they punched, and kicked him. This caused Michael to whimper in pain tears in his eyes, Dustin laughs. (Dustin Cropp): Aw, look. He's crying. The other two started laughing as well. (Dustin's goon 1): He's pathetic. (Dustin's goon 2): He's a loser. Those words hurt Michael, as they started to beat him again Michael curled up tears in his eyes, this is just like the squip. Suddenly Rich and Jake walked down seeing what was going on they ran to save Michael. (Jake): Stop. Right. Now. Dustin. Dustin and his goons stopped and looked at Jake and Rich. (Rich): Leave our friend alone. Dustin not wanting to stop said (Dustin Cropp): And if I don't what'ca gonna do? (Jake): This. Jake punched Dustin in the face then Rich while Dustin was down kicked him in the balls. (Jake): You'll leave him alone now? Dustin decided to walk away (he'll come back to beat up the hoodied freak the next day or anytime he's alone) his goons fallowed him. Jake and Rich walked up to Michael slowly, not wanting to frighten him more. They gently touched him, but Micheal flinched, and curled up tighter. (Rich): Michael it's ok, it's just me Jake. Michael slowly uncurled and looked up to see that it was indeed just Rich and Jake. He calmed down but was still shaken up form the beaten. Rich and Jake helped Michael off the floor and help taking him to the nurse.
That's it. I hope you liked it.
5/29/2020 c2 DaHeck R U
Hey, I will like to remind you that Tomorrow is Sunday, May 31st and it will be two weeks so you can update you two BMC fics Did You Think You Could Get Rid Of Me and Voltage.
5/18/2020 c2 DaHeck R U
This chapter was short, but I like that it sets up for what is to come with Jeremy and his powers. Can't wait to see what happens next. Can the next chapter be longer though, please. Also you updated this story on May 17th so in two weeks it will be May 31st witch is the last day of May, so the next time you update this story and did you think you could get rid of me on the last day of May.
So I have two things to say about my fanfic request.
Everyone in the school pities Michael for what happened to him and don't bother/harass/bully him. Well not everyone there is this one kid who is tough, mean, a trouble maker, but he is also kinda sadistic, every student is afraid of him and even the teachers. His name is Dustin Cropp. And though Michael already goes through a lot due his PTSD and anxiety from his torture, Dustin makes it worse because when he gets the chance (by that I mean when Micheal's friends are not around and Michael is all alone) Dustin will beat Michael up because Michael is weaker then him, he thinks Michael is a pathetic, whining, loser and he since he can't speak he can't scream for help if he gets beat up.
The next thing is about Michael in the hospital, he kept on going in and out of consciousness (due to all the blood loss and the drugs the doctors gave him), and though the doctors gave him pain killers to help relieve the pain from his injuries, all the pain killers do is lessen the pain so he still is in a lot of pain, also the drugs make is brain all foggy so he can't process things and everything he sees is blurry, and though he can't understand what his friends and family are saying to him when he's awake but he still hears them, and hearing his mothers and friends gives him enough comfort from the pain and feel safe.
That's it.
I'll see you in two weeks.
5/18/2020 c2 HeatherChanler89
I admit I am a little disappointed that this chapter was short, but that ending with the little did he know, that he didn't have a choice in the matter was good and sets the mood for what is to come. So liked it. I just hope that the next chapter will be longer.
5/18/2020 c2 Freezeyourbrain
This second chapter was short but nice. And I know that the next chapter of this will be longer, so on the next can Jeremy try to figure out his powers and what they do, and he fights that robber at 7/11 and then chapter 3 ends with the viral videos of."Voltage" and then we see the sinister figure smile while he watches the videos (That will be the squip but no one knows that yet). And I imagine that we'll get to see an actual chapter of your story Did You Think You Could Get Rid Of Me, anyway so the next time you'll update will be May 31st, which is two weeks from now (I put the date on there to help you keep track of when is the next time you can update). I also have more information for this fic.
So do you remember that line in the be more chill musical The Cellphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire), in it there is a line from Jenna Rollen sings to Chloe " 'cause I heard from Dustin Krop, that Rich had bearly touched a drop" so most people when they have Dustin Krop in a Be More Chill fanfiction he is written as a popular kid/ bully type character. Well soon this au it's going to be different, yes he is still kinda popular but that is because he is the best basketball player in The Middleborough High School boys basketball team, he is for the most part a chill guy and is a pretty nice guy and actually has good grades (mostly A-'s and a few B's) but his parents are always pushing him to be the best at school and in sports so he can be successful just like his parents (his dad is a politician and his mom is a lawyer) and the pressure of being the best gets to him, and he had a secret he is addicted to drugs, and there's more be buys his drugs from the Middleborough Rippers gang, when he could no longer afford to pay for the illegal drugs the gang forces him to join in thier gigs "crimes" to pay them back. Is it possible for Jeremy to help Dustin Krop or would he have to turn into the cops and Dustin Krop's life would be ruined as he is put away in juvie. (I want this to be a chapter because drug addictions a real issue that lots of teens in the U.S go through and this chapter can help spread more awareness to the issue to all the people who will read this fic).
This next information involves the Middleborough Rippers gang intosepating in the illegal sport dog fighting, a ten year old boy (this oc is named Aaron Daniels) his dog was snatched from him when it was rescuing the boy from this creepy guy that keeps on fallowing them. So due to the fact that this involves the Middleborough Rippers Voltage gets involved (dog fighting is illegal in most countries but sadly people still do it and it's really cruel though police are aware about it is not one of their top priorities like other crimes, that chapter will be used to spread awareness to the form of animal cruelty).
The Middleborough Rippers gang leader is named Miguel Diaz.
I have another new villian, but first what is the chapter with this villian is about...
Michael gets an internship to do research at Middleborough Science and Engernering University (the best college program in the city) in one of it's labs with it's well known Professor/researcher Professor Eric Morris (Eric Morris is the actor who played the squip in the Off-Broadway run of Be More Chill in The Two River Theater) Michael is excited for it. The research the professor is working on is to help create a formula that can help human beings be able to be strong, with not just strength, but make the human immune system, there would be less illnesses and injuries, they are creating this formula by studying and researching the DNA of different animals. When one day the college board says that are cutting of the funds for the professor's research because the results are not going fast enough and it's not going to be used for money anytime soon, this makes the professor angry, and that night (Michael was still there cleaning a few things up so he sees what happens and calls Jeremy for Voltage) the professor injected the still untested formula into him turning him into a monster (the monster gets called Monstrousity) so Micheal and Jeremy make a cure to turn the professor back to himself but first they have to find him before it's too late. I even have a little bit of a scene for it...
Professor Morris's thoughts:) How, could they do this to him, he was so close, the formula was just about to be tested, but no they couldn't wait, they wanted money, well science isn't all about money, the more he thought about it the more he angry he got, then he had an idea, it was risky, but if they wanted faster results then he'll give them faster results, he grabs the formula and injected it into his arm, as soon as he injected it, he started to feel horrible pain and screams. (Now to Michael) Michael was just cleaning up a few science equipment when he heard a loud crash coming from where the professor was and then screaming, he ran to where the professor was, he saw the professor on the floor twitching and screaming, MICHAEL:) Professor Morris are you alright? Then in front of Micheal the professor start to change, all the while he is still screaming in pain, the professor turned into some kind of creature that looked like different numbers of species.
So that's the scene now just a few more information then we are done.
After Christine's death, Jeremy's love interest slowly throughout the rest of the fic becomes Brooke Lohst (think of Spiderman Peter Parker was in love with Gwen Stacy but after The Green Goblin kills her Peter Parker starts to fall in love with and eventually Mary-Jane "MJ" Watson) so Christine is Jeremy's Gwen Stacy and Brooke is his MJ.
Here is a small scene with the Police when Christine is discovered to be dead...
The building is sorrouned by police officer and cars Captain Canigula speaking to a witness to the fight (though she didn't see much) while the other officers investigate the dead body, when they see who it is, they all have a look of horror and greive it's the Captain's daughter. One of the officers:) Uh, Captain, y-you might want to look at this. Captain Canigula steps forward, once he sees who it is it too all his will power not to breakdown and cry, but sadness still in his eyes. CAPTAIN CANIGULA:) (Tears in his eyes) Christine, (then he whispers) my little girl.
Oh, in one of the first few chapters (like maybe somewhere between chapters 6-9) there is a carnival for Middleborough homecoming, the carnival had rides, games, and even a few performer shows (you know like a puppet show for the little kids, a few gymist here and there, there's a petting zoo, and of course a few clowns) so this will be the chapter where the villian Comedy is enter duced. There is a moment when Christine and Brooke just so happens to be on the ferris wheel when comedy traps then up there, Voltage manages to hold them both and put them down and while he's holding them both girls are holding on him tight and he thinks to himself "A guy could get used to this".
There's also a moment in a chapter where Jeremy while as Voltage gets shot by a bullet from one of the gang members, and he calls Michael for help.
Brooke though she is popular is actually sweet, kind, and caring. So when Christine died she tries to support Jeremy and she does the same thing (that time as his girlfriend) when Micheal is kidnapped.
And now the next information is a scene with Michael's Mothers ( and Jeremy listening through a little micro chip as the "vigilante" Voltage) are at the police station about a month into Michael's disappearance to see Captain Canigula if there are any updates on the case then Tala snaps at Captain Canigula.
Captain Canigula:) I'm sorry, I'm afraid we don't have any updates to what happened to him, but if we find anything we will tell you. Tala gets angry and slams her fist onto Captain Canigula's desk. Tala:) You Are Useless! You, And Your Men! My son is still out there somewhere, and you are doing nothing. Rosy:) Tala, honey, please calm down. Tala:) No! I won't calm down, our son, he could be hurt or, she started crying not wanting to finish or think of what she was going to say. Jeremy who is outside looks sad, he feels sorry for both of Micheal's mothers they must be taking it as hard as he is, maybe even more.
I have 4 more information things I would like to give you then I am done.
When Jeremy and The Squip first meet, the squip is impressed by his powers, and tries to make Jeremy join him, but Jeremy knows squip is evil and says "Join you and hurt innocent people, I don't think so" the squip frowns and says "very well, then. If you won't join me, then you are my enemy".
There is a secret government oranization in this fic and when an Russian teenage spy comes and stealing the nano tech and powerful weapons, but is undercover as an forieng exchange student in Middleborough High School, one of the best agents in the secret oranization, goes undercover as the school new student councilor (which is kinda like a phsycaligist) and her name is Veronica Sewer (But she is undercover so she is called Ms. Gibson) also things get tricky when one of Squip's hintchmen (Rich or his supervillain self named StrongBad and yes he named himself after a the character from that old YouTube series) is trying to find the Russian spy too so he can find the nano tech and weapons that have been stolen from Tamm Laboratories. So Agent Veronica Sewer and Voltage have to team up and also Veronica since she is a spy knows that Jeremy Heere is Voltage but the secret is safe with her.
The Squip has a secret lab under his company where he does his evil research and create supervillains and hintchmen. It's also going to be where he tortures and brainwashes Michael.
And lastly after Christine died Jeremy suffers from nightmares of when she died and then it changes to someone else he cares about getting hurt or killed like his dad or Michael and then there's a zombie Christine looking at him and asking him why didn't he save her.
And then when Micheal is kidnapped the nightmares get worse, and when he finds out Micheal is squip's new hintchman and he was tortured and brainwashed, the nightmares have a zombie Christine and a villian Michael asking him why he didn't save them.
Okay this review is getting pretty long so I will leave.
Bye, see you in two weeks.
5/12/2020 c1 HeatherChanler89
This is a great prologue for a superhero au it reminds me a lot and Spiderman, I can't wait to see what happens next.
5/10/2020 c1 Freezeyourbrain
Hey, um, is there something going because you last updated April 25th and that was two weeks ago are you going to update this and Did you think you can get rid of me soon, I am just curious if you are busy with something and that's why you have not updated these two stories yet. If you can reply to this and answer my question that would be great, thanks.
Also I have a few more things about my superhero au just a few things...
So as you know in this au Christine's dad is the police captain, well there's a chapter where Jeremy is invited to dinner at Christine's home so he could meet her parents, and while that's going on Comedy is wreaking havock across the city, also just like we see in lots of t.v shows and movies Christine's dad gives Jeremy a hard time but he does use threats on Jeremy based on the fact that he's a cop and this causes Jeremy to get more than a little immetemidated he even thinks "Jesus, he's more immetemidating than any of the villians I have fought". Oh, when this chapter happens Christine already knows that Jeremy is The Voltage, so when they are aware that Comedy is causing trouble but at the same time know that Jeremy can't just leave without seeming rude Christine has an idea and she says this...
Christine: Oh, Jeremy you must see my mom's beautiful garden it's in the backyard. She then gives Jeremy a look which he understands immediately what she's doing and agrees to "go see the garden" but actually when they go to the backyard he becomes Voltage to fights Comedy while also trying to be back in time for dinner at Christine's house. Also we get to meet Captain Canigula early on in the story like when Jeremy stops that robber in the beginning of the story.
And after Christine is killed by The Squip the captain didn't know that so be blames it on the person who was last with her and that is Voltage so after her death not only does Jeremy have to fight bad guys, and deal with the guilt of not being able to save her, "Voltage" also has cops going after him. And one more thing about Christine when she ends up helping Jeremy and Michael once she finds out their secret she does ask a lot of questions but she's so excited that she asks them so fast and Michael and Jeremy can't understand what she is saying but smile at her enthusiasm. And also sometime after Christine's death we get hints that Jeremy and Brooke are starting to having feelings for one another.
And I also would like to talk about Michael as well when he gets kidnapped by the squip and is brainwashed to become a minion of the squip. So I would like to mention that after Christine's death Jeremy gets nightmares about that horrible night and sometimes the nightmares involve someone else Jeremy cares about getting hurt or killed. The nightmares get worse when Michael disappears and soon Jeremy gets little sleep and is desperate to find Michael. Also when Michael disappears his mothers are worried and one of them when the cops can't find her son she snaps and yells at an the officer (Captain Canigula) while Michael other mother tries to calm her down. Also remember Michael had been gone for a month.
And Michael getting brainwashed by the squip is similar to the the way The Joker does it on the DC animated movie Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker (And I would like to ask one more question have you ever seen the animated series Batman Beyond and/or it's t.v animated movie Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker? If not both the series and movie are amazing and I highly recommend you watch them but if you watch the movie there is a scene with the joker that is so freaky that it's but there with Heath Ledger's potrail if the joker in the dark knight returns so be warned) anyway aft first squip taunts Michael saying things to him like "Is he really your friend, Michael", "He had always taken you for granted, even before he got his powers", and "You tried to help him but he pushed you away" starting to make Michael doubt his best friend and get him to feel nothing but anger. The Squip than phsycalogicly and physically torturing Michael too the point where Michael's mind breaks down and afterwards the squip gives Michael the nano technology and Michael gets similar powers to squip. But even brainwashed Michael still tries to fight back and gain back control of his mind. Also Rich is there and sees what the Squip is doing to Michael and realizes that squip had gone to far and is purely sadistic so he betrays squip and tells Voltage what's going on and what the Squip's plan for the city is.
So that's the information I hope you liked it all. And I hope you update soon, also if you could reply and answer my questions I would appreciate it. Thanks, bye.
5/7/2020 c1 DaHeck R U
I've got a scene for my fic and I promise this will be the last scene I give you and then the rest of the story you can write it how you want, and like I said I think you are an amazing writer this story and Did you think you could get rid of me are wonderful to read. This scene is another torture scene with Michael and the squip.
And now for the scene...
The scene): The pain was too much, Michael just wanted to pass out, but squip won't let that happen, every time he did pass out squip would throw cold water on which wakes him up. Right now the squip was gone having a little break. It's been hours and Michael was still waiting for Squip to come back, when he heard the door open he began to shake, the squip has returned. (Squip): Hello Michael, enjoyed our little break? Michael cried can the pain just stop. The Squip got out something out of his bag it was brass knuckles, the squip put them on and punched Michael hard each time. When Squip was done he smiled as he watched Michael gasp for air. The pain was so much it became harder and harder for Michael to breathe, I'm going to die here he thinks to himself. The Squip isn't done yet so after putting the brass knuckles back in the bag, the squip took out a large metal screw and a fire lighter the squip uses it to heat up the metal screw until it is glowing a reddish orange, then while it was still heated up the squip shoved into Michael's skin burning him the squip did the same thing with other metal screws and shoved them into Michael's skin. They burn through Michael's skin and the worst part the squip doesn't remove the screws when they get shoved into his skin. By the time squip put the last screw into Michael, he smiled seeing Michael has passed out, but instead of waking Michael up the squip decided he was done and left still smiling. When Michael woke up a few hours later, he begins to cry and whimper again, he wants the pain to just stop, he wants to go back home, after that thought Michael begin remembering happy times, the time he first met Jeremy, all the wonderful holidays he spent when his mothers, playing video games with Jeremy (and sometimes Rich and Jake are playing games with them), as he remembers these happy times Michael cries more knowing he's never going to see his friends or family ever again, soon Michael falls asleep and at least got to dream he was back home playing video games with Jeremy and spending time with his mothers.
So that it I hope you liked it and also would like to know when "Squip" and "Michael" think of all the scenes I gave you.
5/3/2020 c1 Freezeyourbrain
Hey, I would like to tell you more information for my superhero au. Like first there is a chapter where aliens come to earth and abduct Voltage and The Squip. These aliens were watching the people of earth to find humans with special abilities (by that I mean superpowers) and abduct them so they can complete in this intergalactic championship fighting turnement we find out that the other people fighting were also abducted from their home planets and are also forced to fight, and also the squip and voltage have to team up together in order to escape the aliens.
This next information is about Michael when he gets kidnapped and brainwashed to become one of Squip's hintchmen, we know that when Christine died Jeremy was devastated, and due to fear that something like that could happen to Michael he doesn't let Michael help him out in crime fighting anymore and this'll eventually lead to a fight/argument between the two friends, after the fight the squip kidnaps Michael while he was just having a walk to help calm his anger down.
4/27/2020 c1 DaHeck R U
This is a good prologue for a superhero au, I feel some Spiderman vibes going on and I love it, and I don't care what everyone else thinks but the Sam Raimi's Spiderman trilegy is the best, also I noticed two mistakes you made, what is a please supplies did you mean power supplies, and you wrote they create were build weapons for the u.s army and it's allies I think you meant they even create and build weapons for the u.s army and it's allies, I just want you to know so you can fix those little typos/mistakes you made, I am sure they can easily be fixed. Anyway this is a good prologue because it sets up the story well, and if this is like Spiderman I have a feeling this is going to interesting. So good prologue and can't wait to see were this will go. And I also can't wait for chapter 8 of your other BMC fic. I also have a feeling that The Squip is basically going to be The Green Goblin for this au.
Also I have just a little more information about my fic. So Micheal gets PTSD, anxiety, and depression from what the Squip did to him, and can't even look and/or go too 7/11 anymore because that's were he went before getting kidnapped on his way home from that place, and since he it was dark and nighttime when Michael was kidnapped he became afraid of the dark fearing someone would snatch him and take him back to that horrible place and hurt him. When Michael gets flashbacks he tends to have this out of it look in his eyes, freezes still wherever he's at (even if it's the middle of the hallway) and whimpers, everything around him slows down and then it seems like he is back in that dark room tied to a chair and getting tortured. Things that trigger these flashbacks could be anything like getting a small static electricity shock or what sounds like something metal hitting the floor, there's many more but the flashbacks could be just about anything. When he to have a panic attack these could be the warning signs he starts to to fegit, like bounce his legs or plays with his fingers, he seem anxious about something, or his eyes could be unfocused and moving around. What causes Michael to have these panic attacks are, loud noises, being in the dark (like in a dark room or it's dark because it's getting late and he's out side), being alone/being by himself, being crowded or being in crowded places with lots of people, people stareing at him or his scares, and getting touched in sertin places (by getting touched in sertin places I mean places where his scares are it also causes his him to flinch). When Michael has a panic attack (and these panic attacks are nothing like the one he had during Michael In The Bathroom these attacks are more intense) he starts to hyperventilate, pulls at his hair, whimpers, and will potentially do things that could harm him (like slamming his fists on the walls until they bleed or break). Michael's friends and family to him like that every time he gets a panic attack, especially his mothers, Rich and Jeremy (his mothers because it breaks their hearts seeing their son in pain and so scared, it hurts Rich because he has a crush on Michael and it his breaks his heart, and Jeremy it breaks his heart to see his best friend so hurt, scared, and broken and he feels guilty for what happened to Michael and believes it should of been him who was kidnapped and tortured not Micheal). If a panic attack looks like he is about to start but not quite there, when he is at school or any other public place Michael's friends or mothers would put Michael's headphones on him and play soft quite calming music, or if they don't have his headphones they make focus/look at them so they distract him from whatever is causing Michael to panic or feel anxious. When Micheal gets his service dog Inky and he gets panic attacks or flashbacks Inky would jump on him, lick him, or put it's paws on him and then Michael starts petting Inky and he calms down. Inky will go everywhere with Michael even to school.
That's all the information I got. Oh when you do write my fic you might want to put a warning in the author's notes because of the torture, themes of PTSD and trama, and intense panic attacks (that can also be called episodes).
Bye, see you in two weeks.
4/26/2020 c1 Freezeyourbrain
This makes a good prologue for the story I like it. Oh it seems I made a little mistake when I gave you information, it's supposed to be power supplies not please supplies but that's okay it's an easy fix and just replace the world please with power, other than that this is a good prologue and can't wait for the next chapter. Also remember when I told you about the super villian team The Elementals well I have more information on them. Aquatic-Man's real name is John Taleman and he was just a petty theif before he got his powers. Then their is Paul Nueman the crazy kid who got fire powers. His super villian name is The Flame Thrower. And now for earth it's a girl about Jeremy's age (but she goes to a different School) and is the typical high school tough girl and bad kid (by bad kid I mean she robbed, shoplifted , and even Gambled) she was in juvie until the squip as Jason Tamm paid for her to be free so she can have this "internship" meant to help redeem troubled kids like her, but actually he was just using her as a hinch man/tool to kill Jeremy. Her name is Paige White and her super villian name is Earthquake. And finally for air, he is one loyal hinch man, named Aaron (he doesn't have a last name) his super villian name is The Tornado.
So that's the information of the Elementals members. And also your right for some reason prologues are usually short. This is amazing and I like it.
See you in two weeks. Bye.

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