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6/29 c1 1UncountedWall
I don’t mind dark stories as long as they end good. What’s going to be the endings tone?
6/29 c5 Hot
Fuck thats hot. Canines have the best sex honestly. Humans should be jealous
5/25 c3 Fristylo229
- Hello, author. I am a Russian reader (even a fan) of the "AaO" fandom and have just read the third part of your story (I translate your text using the built-in Yandex translator, and write this review using the google translator). What can I say ... It's great! Spelling, thoughts, narration, figurative expressions. This is good! I hope that you will soon release a new part and at least finish the fan fiction, because such a masterpiece should not remain abandoned. Good luck to you.

- Ah, yes ... I (in 24 hours) will soon write to you in PM about one thing, or rather fanfiction.
5/2 c2 45K2912 - The Anonimo Avtory
I am glad you are back writing for this fandom Mojo. It has been a while since we've had you. And you decided to publish this complex story. I really like it. Kate and Humphrey, from two different worlds. Colliding into each other in a twist of fate.

I hope you will continue writing and stay here for a long time Mojo. I am waiting for the next chapter
4/25 c1 Dominating
I love this style of writing. Very unique and advanced compared to others I've read here.
Please continue experimenting with this, I think you have great potential.

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