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for Star Wars: Robin of the Jedi order

4/30 c1 2Just a fan of fics
Ooh, this looks very interesting Jedi Robin sounds very cool
4/27 c1 GuestWithIdeas
Since I've read "The Force's Shepherds" I've been wanting to see more Fire Emblem Star War crossovers. Though I'm curious, is the Fire Emblem world going to be in this and if so is the technology caught up with Star Wars?
I'm also curious about Robin's future master and ligthsaber style. I wouldn't be surprised if Dooku trained her, but I think Shaak Ti would be a good teacher. Here's why- Shaak is widely regarded as one of the greatest tactical minds and sword masters of the order so Robin would benefit greatly being trained by Ti, after all Robin's a tactician in game so you can still make her a tactician because she learned from one of the best in that field. Not to mention Ti's a powerful Force-wielder in her own right. Now yes, Dooku is a better swordsman and stronger in the Force than Ti is, but he's overused and I think it'd be interesting if Robin had a mother-figure as a teacher instead of a man.
Now for Robin's lightsaber form, just because I like the form I think form 6 Niman would be a good fit for Robin. My go to sources on YouTube Jenserai 1 did videos describing all the forms, it might be worth looking at. Besides Jen's videos the other Star Wars Versus in their popcast held by Fanalysis in some videos they describe Form 6 as best used by people that fights smart and have a solid understanding of a few other forms of combat. Well I'm done rambling hope this helps.
4/26 c1 Guest
Hmmmm, not bad this story dose have potential in it but it needs some work.
4/26 c1 Kamencolin
This looks interesting
4/26 c1 27venom rules all
Nice start.

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