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for Righting Past Wrongs

10/15 c10 Lara
I've just found your story and love it! I wonder if Harry's original memories are being changed or the new ones are being added to his mind. Or is it possible that they have created a new timeline?
Keep going!
10/4 c10 mithilmittal
Just a thought
shouldn't the potion pratice lab be available for all the houses as Ginny will be helping them.
same for the study rooms as they are only accessible to Gryffindor house.
moreover the Ginny should guide all the quidditch teams as her being a former professional player giving Gryffindor team advice is unfair to other teams as she is not even their head of the house.
10/4 c10 39IWantColouredRain
Very good. BTW, sometimes the way you structure you're sentences is hard to read. For example, you wrote "the invisibility booster had prevented that the muggles spotted him" in Ron's POV. You'd be better off saying "the invisibility booster had prevented the muggles from spotting him". It's better grammar. Not trying to criticise or anything, just help. Looking forward to the next update!
10/1 c10 1clover cat Klee
very cool updates to Quidditsch is done in Gryffindor :D
9/28 c10 Guest
Ron Ron Ron. He really needs to grow up and stop being so whiny. He just expects things to be handed to him without putting in the work. If Ron put in the effort, practiced, and did those workouts, he might be good enough to make the team when Wood graduates. But I think we all know he wont.

Glad Harrys doing better though. Reserve seeker is definitely needed with all those times he couldnt play.
9/28 c10 Picky
Excellent story!

I am enjoying this very much thus far :D I really like how both older and younger Harry and Ginny are doing. I can't help but wondering if Older Ginny will soon be pregnant ;) Anyway, the adult H/G certain apply what they learned well.

Poor Ron (mixed serious and sarcasm) but he has much to learn and growing to do. I actually could see him to be very redeemable if he learns, as he is still just a kid. As for Hermione, I don't see her as truly redeemable at this point, as she is already what she would be, a person whose motto would be in "rules are for thee but not for me as I know the best." That may be just my less favorable view for Hermioen coming to fore. Yet, it would be a nice change and different from most of fanfic if Ron got redeemed but Hermione not (usually Hermione get forgived even if she is not remorseful, and become the center of story and Ron based to paste).

I do have a slight criticism. I think you are cutting meat down a bit too hard. You made it clear that the magic needs energy (as it helps with weight and figure), so the wizards and witches will actually need meat more than average. Beside truly fattening food are in bread and vegetables (carbs release the least energy per carb than fat, and less digestible as compared to meat) as that is how one fatten up the animal for slaughter. Anyway, it is best if we balance the meals and mix the meat and vegetable with occassion sweet for quick energy (sweets are best for quick energy but does not last long and too much is really not good) as we are omnivore. In the other words, I don't think the meat should be cut down as much as adding better nutrients to the mix. I apologize about boring you.

Good luck with your story :D I am looking forward for another update!
9/29 c10 Wolfric
Good chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
9/27 c10 scrappy8
great chapter
9/27 c10 EP
9/27 c10 Mrh
And Hermione's bias shows...cheerleading is a sport in it's own right, with plenty of competition and people of both genders participating. It's not just 'ogling girls in short skirts', there's lots of work and practice that goes into it.

Then again Hermione is only 13ish at this point and I have no idea if cheerleading is a thing in the UK so she might just be misinformed as opposed to being a 90's version of SJW.

If you can't tell I'm no more a worshipper of Hermione because she was played by Emma Watson than I am of Snape for being played by Alan Rickman.
9/29 c10 2QHLuver
Wonderful chapter!
9/28 c10 witchsbroom
Oh yeah looks like Harry and Ginny have it right regarding the Quidditch team (creating and reserve team and also letting them play off and on will most differently screw with the minds of the other team) and also give the reserves extra practice. Yep I'm sure Ron isn't happy about making the team as all his other siblings are on the team (well except Percy, but he didn't play the game) Can't wait to see what happens when they have there first game
9/28 c10 Cassandra30
Poor Ron. Apparently Nutrition Classes are necessary for Hogwarts. Exercise and Nutrition explanations for the Quidditch people.
9/28 c9 Cassandra30
Good deal! I am glad Molly was ok. How did Madame Longbottom behave? Honestly Neville needs serious treatment if not removed.
9/28 c10 t3r3z1pyrop3dr1nksfromth3bog
a bit on the short side but i liked this chapter
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