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for Righting Past Wrongs

1/15 c21 kkggr
Very sweet story, thank you for writing! I really hoped to find out why exactly everyone was against the original Harry and Ginny's relationships?
1/2 c21 1SixFtWookie
Loved almost everything about this fic. I love how vague the history of the old world is, because it truly no longer matters. Ron and Hermione seem to be on the knife's edge between character development and bashing. Albus being a good guy with too many responsibilities to do all of them well is a nice counter to the many evil manipulators. I think the Room of Lost Things is an untapped resource for the school's finances, but I suppose basilisk parts and silk make that unnecessary. Haven't looked yet, but I'm hoping there is a sequel already.
1/1 c21 Momma'sGirl07
I love this story. I can't wait for you to bring out the sequel.
12/28/2021 c5 Guest
And five hundred Pounds is a large amount."

It's an utterly irrelevant amount when you take into account rent, water, electricity, government/council fees, medical, clothing food and transport costs, then throw on top of all that the fact that they weren't asked to take him in the first place, don't want him, are outright afraid of magic, and regularly have to put up with abuse from wizard, including dealing with the various accidental magic from Harry himself, all of which draws attention to them and they're left on their own to deal with it.

It's kind of like saying "I'll give you $500 as long as you give me $550 and I get to slap you every now and then. Also, you don't have a choice."

They might be horrible people, but the Vernon and Petunia really do have very valid reasons to hate Harry and the magical world.
12/27/2021 c5 Guest
Just to clear things up, whenever both Harry's are present, the one from the future will be called Older Harry and the present one just Harry. Same for Ginny.

Whenever both Ginnys are present one will be called Old Harry and the other will be called Harry?

Really does seem like a waste to go through all the trouble of creating new identities and then... Ignoring them when there's a reason to use them.
12/28/2021 c21 darkworkangel
i liked this story and chance of a sequel?
12/2/2021 c21 Nightcat77
found this story yesterday and finished reading it today and can't wait for the sequel story to come out
11/23/2021 c21 T
Good story
11/16/2021 c21 MAHA1959
hello White Angel thank you for this marvellous story. i look forwards yo read the sequel of this story
even if they have find the horcruxes there is one they can't have yet : Nagini . so how and when will they be able to destroy it ? and maybe we will see a newborn in the Peverell ' family ?
to read you soon - Maha
11/5/2021 c21 108Scififan33
I very rarely read HarryGinny stories but you made it work. I really enjoyed this! I look forward to the sequel.
10/19/2021 c21 1DJArla
This was an interesting story. If I’m honest, I felt like you overused exposition in your writing. Over explaining things tends to make the dialogue stilted and unnatural and slow down the plot. However you have great plot ideas, unique insights into the characters and great spelling and grammar. I admire the fact that you put so much effort in to writing and sharing this, but wanted to share my opinion about how you could improve in the future. Anyway, I look forward to reading some of your other works soon
10/10/2021 c18 Hot48cricket1
Granger is a right stubborn bitch! Glad to show you are not afraid to write her as not being perfect and not influencing Harry!
10/10/2021 c16 Hot48cricket1
So glad you are showing Ronald and granger in their true forms
10/9/2021 c11 Hot48cricket1
10,000 gallons for 11 years in prison?
That’s not much! Add another zero or two!
10/9/2021 c10 Hot48cricket1
Granger blaming detention on Ron’s bad grades? That is so OC
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