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for Fablehaven One-Shots

7/30 c4 2NaoSa
Love these one shots! Super fun and cute. Love how you wrote Bracken and Kendra together, but also just Bracken the whole time. I enjoy how some are based on moments not fully told like this chapter. Good luck moving though, an idea similar to this chapter is what happens after Bracken says Vanessa wasn’t wrong. Anyway, love these one shots and ideas! Great job :)
6/16 c4 Katie
Your so right! The Percy Jackson movies SUCK! And good luck with the move! I really enjoyed this! Always wanted to see after that moment!
5/27 c3 Katie
I know I’ve already commented on Ao3 but every time I re-read this (because I definitely re-read it) I just squeal! It’s amazing!
5/27 c2 Katie
I am dying! It’s so cool how you can turn someone’s prompt into an enjoyable story!
5/27 c1 Katie
You did this so amazing! I am loving every second of it! Please write more!
5/13 c3 19Yakall
Awwww this was so cute! My little heart melted and is currently weeping into the floor. Nice job! This was really fun to read!
5/8 c2 3By myself alone
This was so much fun to read I was holding back giggles. :)
4/28 c2 Jesussavedevenme
This is so cute! And so like Bracken, good job!
4/26 c1 19Yakall
Oh this is amazing! I love it! I think it’s really cool how it was from Brackens POV, cause the ones likes this is always Kendra’s, keep up the fabulous work!

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