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11/27 c23 Bobman22
Ok, doing a crossover with another top tier fic might be the coldest shit ever. Best Gamer!Percy i've come across
11/27 c16 Bobman22
"How much of it was voluntary?" i cant believe i read the pjo series multiple times over the years, and NEVER asked this question. Sheesh
11/20 c54 18IAmOutOfIdeas
Why’s his luck so low? Didn’t we win the wreath or whatever way back when, stealing it from Piper? It was supposed to increase his luck by 1 per level, or something like that.
11/18 c1 1q1234567
bro literally read the whole thing in like 2 days hating every chapter but he kept pushing through. mans a dedicated hater, respect. (to the person below me)
11/17 c70 pshota2003
Don't read... Complete shit. Half of this revolves around making friends and whatnot. I started reading it because of Gamer. But this story is only emo only not what we expect from gramer stories.
11/17 c67 pshota2003
11/17 c64 pshota2003
why the fuck are creating weakness strength?
becoming emotionally attached?
what the hell is happening in this story for shit sake!
11/16 c22 pshota2003
kya chutiyapa hai yrr
11/16 c22 pshota2003
what the fucking shit is this.
11/16 c20 pshota2003
shouldn't he have more levels after the hidden quest fulfillment.
11/15 c5 pshota2003
shouldn't it be stat points not skill points
11/15 c1 pshota2003
New chapters?
11/14 c33 SonofPoseidon2018
What chapter did he have a conversation with Selina
11/6 c70 1TheFiction101
Omg i love love love how you are handling the multiverse. Please i would love to see a reference to the queens champion. I know he isnt active anymore vut that story was what made me get into pjo fanfiction and specifically the artemis paring.
11/6 c69 TheFiction101
Eyyyyy multiverse of madness time babby
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