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23h c51 Stanislaus
i started this story yesterday. i literally couldn't read any other story till i was done with this chapter. it's an amazing story and I can't wait for more
8/13 c23 GodudamaMaker
I like the fact that you make Percy and unreliable narrator and also someone who makes mistakes and gets into shit. Not a lot of gamer fics ever do that, they always seem too in control of everything, I like the chaos in this story and the twists!
8/13 c15 GodudamaMaker
I love that you are giving depth to the deceipt of the gods! I have never commended you for it. This is my reread of the story after a long hiatus from fanfic and I am loving it!
8/11 c1 handwran
saw other reviewers mentioning a small harem. id say go for it. A 2-3 girl harem is completely reasonable. I always say 2-3 is very doable, 4-5 is fairly hard, but not impossible for a good writer. 6-7 is very very difficult, but still possible for a very talented writer, and 8 is extremely hard unless you are a top tier writer. Any more than 8 is pretty much impossible, because either the romance is cheap and shallow, or the story is incredibly boring because all the time has to focus on the girls to not make it cheap, and even when doing that it still can feel cheap. Ive never seen anyone write a good harem with more than 8 girls in it. However 2-3 girls is extremely doable, and Id even reccomend it with a gamer mc. the gamer powers kind of lend themselves to harems wirh how the stats and reality breaking progression can lead to it being much more possible. Plus upgrading a couple lovers just makes sense logically, and love can be pretty great for support and trust in people youre leveling up. plus power attracts, and there would bound to be ero benefits to high stats, heck itd be weird if there wasnt a sex skill if the system has naturally obtainable skills like swords from using swords etc
8/10 c1 The-AnonymousFF
Lovely start to a fic. My complaints are the visual limits. I noticed your brackets don’t come off clear on the app version of Fanfic. Perhaps add a space between the brackets? Turn something like [LVL10 into [LVL10. In addition, the currency symbol seems to not appear, so maybe just use the phrase [Cash] or [Money] instead?
8/10 c51 Striking Thanatos
Really good chapter!
8/9 c51 surya25addanki
See you soon
8/9 c51 GameknightPJOfan
That was definitively maybe calypso, right?
8/9 c51 ilayhyams
I thinky this is goodbye, I have read since the start but I don't find any more joy in reading, it has become a chore. Good luck in all your future stories man
8/8 c50 meryfcuckery
and wheres your discord i can't really find it
8/8 c51 meryfcuckery
percy having two women wouldn't be that big a deal and it wouldn't be hard at all to develop both alongside him, a demigoddess and a goddess or smth, plus Percy's prob gonna be immortal by the end of this cus yk game. so i think its easily doable
8/8 c1 meryfcuckery
8/8 c51 meryfcuckery
great as always, considering you've already picked his final pairing i sincerely hope you haven't picked some boring chick like zia or smth and its a pjo girl, the final pairing should be smth that we can atleast stomach and going for the boring egyptians or smth would be lame and im honestly hoping for zoe, btw i think a two girl or maybe 3 girl harem is plenty do-able really its not that hard just make sure each girl has the proper screen time and development and this gets much much easier if theres only two girls dunno wy afraid of bro, two girls isn't that hard, honeslty saying two girls is too much for you is pleb talk lol, besdies that awesome story as always
8/8 c51 1pontus first god of the sea
I’m so glad you remembered me, this chapter has some creep factor but it was great regardless, not the best to read right before slew haha
8/8 c51 37Death Fury
Excellent chapter
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