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4/15 c42 Drag7
Velocity does matter outside of a vacuum environment or lose answers like ‘magic’ in which case acceleration is just ‘magic’... Trying to get technical with faulty reasoning and pseudoscience doesn’t add anything to the story. Just gloss it over, skip it, give the blanket solution of magic or get it right.

Knows what mango chutney is but not what a mango is... very inconsistent.
4/14 c41 Drag7
Seriously a cliffhanger and then this shit. Go f*ck yourself.
4/14 c40 Drag7
Seriously just get rid of the math if you’re not even going to do it correctly. The addition signs are missing and it has exclamation marks for no reason. Furthermore it’s just flat out unnecessary, just like the endless bloating of the stat page. At least remove the repeat descriptions and condense it somehow.
4/14 c40 Drag7
I still think it’s retarded that all Percy got out of beating Oceanus the way he did is white hair and not a single new ability or power...
4/14 c37 Drag7
When Percy tries explaining things in a long winded roundabout way to the audience/the reader it’s literally the worst and most annoying thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading.
4/14 c31 Drag7
Another empty chapter left up.
4/14 c30 Drag7
This chapter is basically blank and shouldn’t be left up.
4/14 c25 Drag7
Why is this discord stuff left here instead of on your profile page somewhere ?...
4/14 c23 Drag7
I hope there’s some level of fix to this beyond the goddess of love being evil or something so fundamentally broken with this dimension. Like a possible relationship or get to know you type situation but no unhealthy emotion leaching bond. Because that’s just some depressing give up, go home, try and restart the big bang to see if life is less depressing the next go around type shit.
4/14 c46 Robotdocter
just binged all of the story so far and while i understand its not the actual pairing for the story, Percy being in a relationship with MJ instead of Aphrodite still will always sit wrong with me until its not the case, especially due to how you went about splitting Percy and Aphrodite up in the first place.
love the story, outside of the pairing issue ofc
4/14 c21 Drag7
A regular sized nonsense chapter or just a misplaced one?...
4/14 c20 Drag7
Wtf. A cliff hanger followed by this sh*t
4/14 c18 Drag7
Normally it’s the guy calling the girl babe or baby. With it be the other way around and in this particular case with her being an old god and him a 13 year old child it just serves to highlight the age difference and make things unnecessarily creepy.
4/14 c17 Drag7
Unnecessarily long winded explanations and hyper detailed damage calculations followed by random damage numbers per second for unknown durations. This chapter is a very mixed bag.
4/14 c17 Drag7
Literally none of this had any requirement of his recently gained spy skills. He literally goes into this big spy training montage all for his first mission to just be ‘hulk smash’.
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