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4/30/2020 c2 Guest
I vote for percy piper... Mostly to get piper out of her depressive funk... And there's waaay to many percy x artemis fic... So let's do percy x piper
4/30/2020 c1 Guest
Omggggg, this is gold!
5/2/2020 c2 lrod1199
Personally I think taking her would be hilarious. I mean. Why not she's been forced for centuries to watch her husband be unfaithful why not ease her pain ?
5/1/2020 c2 AstralGemini
Percy/Artemis With the sword style he uses and the fact that what he just did would grant him high respect and the moon always has a pull on the ocean
5/1/2020 c2 legendaryNOT
It’s practically already been set up with the lore text for Moon’s Dance
5/1/2020 c1 legendaryNOT
I see what you’re doing with moons dance
5/1/2020 c1 vanillagrey
i’m just wondering if you do choose to do pairing with a goddess like aphrodite or artemis are you gonna wait because percy is 12 and is not mature enough yet to have an actual relationship with them
4/30/2020 c1 1Andy77157
Great start so far! I'd like a Percy/Piper pairing please, because there are almost zero stories where this pairing has a meaningful relationship, plus I'd wager it would be fun to write.
4/30/2020 c2 Anuart Tsui
OMG that was fng awesome, I'm falling in love(? ando maybe...Perdit
4/30/2020 c2 mcpay.br
Percy/Hestia if that’s not a choice then Percy/Artemis
4/30/2020 c2 Keyblademaster 21177

But make it so he attracts the attention of other girls, i would like to see how Artemis reacts to all these girls trying to be with him. Make it so Artemis is very protective and jealous when ever she sees girls all over him
4/30/2020 c2 HitGamer22
4/30/2020 c2 Zoom99
I hope you go for a Calypso pairing
4/30/2020 c2 tinnire-isallihear
I'm honestly not a percabeth fan either. Based off the options you provided, I would go with Percy/Piper. I don't like Hera, and I'm tired of Artemis and Zoe. I really like Silena with Beckendorf too. If not with Piper, then I would go with Nico, Reyna, or Calypso.
4/30/2020 c1 1You10
Oh, and if you haven't read the story "Percy Jackson and the Game" by the author "I'mjusttryingtofindmyway" you totally should, is the best Gamer story there is, and is it not abandoned, just in hiatus, the author is still active. It may give you ideas.
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