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9/21 c52 Silverfox72
Honestly I like the longer chapters
9/21 c11 The Lazy Coyote
With that wheel of fate perk do you play smite by any chance lol?
9/20 c52 Sinabaetor
Long chapters whenever you can is better. Thanks for the chapter!
9/20 c52 8XenonDark
It truly is amazing how far you've come. Amf how much you've expanded this world. I remember back when i used to leave a comment every other chapter and making that big review. I'm glad to see not only how the far this story has risen, but how much you've grown as a writer and an author. There have been many of times in which you've blown me away since then but instead choosing to simply watch as you progress instead of commenting. After all, you don't need me or my reviews anymore. You've made something amazing here, that of which has gained many fans and much admiration. This wasn't really planned nor thought through, but for some reason i jist had an urge. To let you know.

That you've come far. So very far. And I'm still here. Waiting on the next chapter.
9/20 c5 Fausto Neto
The Reaper seems pretty useless, not really useless at all, but for a very specific situation, it would only be useful against enemies that are much slower than him.

The other is very reasonable, not bad but not worth it, like Bookwork would be much better.

Time Dilation is definitely worth it.
9/20 c4 Fausto Neto
No, no, no, you can't accept Aphrodite as a virgin, there are only 3 virgin goddesses in the Greek pantheon, particularly I didn't like you trying to make Aphrodite such a "pure" and good woman like that.

And again you're "sexualizing" kids, like why a guy working the elevator, probably of 18 age, would stop for a 12-year-old to flirt with her (I don't know if he was going to flirt with her, but that's it that gives to understand), as I said I think you were wrong when making their age, I will again consider this bs of being a demigod.
9/20 c3 Fausto Neto
I think you putting 12 years old is kind of weird, it looks like the characters are like at least 15-16, I'll accept that this is demigod bullshit.

I would blame her, how many times mc asked to go out, like 3, and she was like an idiot saying she was just a granny in the middle of a fucking forest, with over 100 realistic statues.
9/20 c1 Fausto Neto
I don't care if the mc won't be super op in like 1k words, but like 200k words is he still loses to "normal" people oh I don't like it, he's a gamer, it has to be like a cultivation story where the mc fights with someone 2 kingdoms above him, if the protagonist is a gamer I don't like to see him having difficulties with enemies "similar" to them, or explaining in a better way I don't like a Gamer system, to nerf the Gamer power just so the story doesn't get boring, just don't give the gamer system so, it looks like you just voted Gamer to get the audience like me who likes history with Gamer.

(I used words and not chapters, because there are ff with 10 chapters and 150k words, while there are ff with 50 chapters but only 90k words) And all I've said is my opinion on this subject, not THIS STORY, as I've only read chapter 1 so far.

Bookwork is very broken, like he with 300 int, would have a 300% bonus learning skills.

I also understood why they were complaining about the mc's decisions, Flirt and Bookwork are very broken, especially Bookwork.
9/20 c52 5Imperial Chancellor
A more consistent, weekly chapter
9/20 c52 Alexvsjsn
personally i’d prefer shorter more constant just to keep me more up to date if that makes sense, makes sure i don’t have to re read the previous chapter to remember what happened. However if it ruins the flow of the story it’s no bother to me. Honestly just happy to get the updates
9/20 c52 Noctis Lucius Caelum
Very interesting story. Just binged it. There are some parts I'm not sure about, like adding Spider Man, but it's still really good. leagues above the rest.

Though, I'm looking forward to what you do with Aphrodite. Personally, I was hoping for Hera, more for the hilarious drama and partly because she's rarely done. Who knows? it might still happen *wink**wink*

I'd prefer longer chapters, but it's up to you in the end.
What I'm most looking forward to beyond the obvious is when Percy gets involved in other pantheons. We all know it's gonna happen.

Hope you update soon
9/20 c4 Makimass
Great fight scene although I find it weird that he's easily agitated when he learned about Aphrodite's situation while he was very calm and accepting when he woke up and just remembered that his mother supposedly died.

Gamer's Mind has its own priority lol.
9/20 c52 38Death Fury
Excellent chapter
9/20 c52 Death Fury
Excellent chapter
9/19 c52 BigBird97
I think somewhere in-between once a month and weekly would be ideal, once a month means you lose track of the story between updates (it took me a little bit to remember what Percy was even doing at the start of this chapter) - but I find weekly is too piecemeal and doesn't progress the story well enough to be satisfying.
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